3 Exercises To Help Ease Back Pain

In this blog you will learn about three of the best movements you can do to start easing your back pain and getting you more active.

Back pain is such a common injury and can have a huge impact on someones life if not managed correctly. In the last 10 years the approach to treating back pain has changed a lot and back pain should no longer be just classified as a “disc bulge” or “slipped disc”, as we now know that often this can have nothing to do with the pain people are experiencing.

Quality information about back pain is now becoming more accessible to the public and people should be more aware that back pain can be due to a number of different things, with actual injury to your back, just been one part of these things.

Previous injuries, sleep, anxiety, fear of movement, lack of movement, beliefs, stress and what you have been told about your back pain can have a huge influence on the pain you experience

I’m now going to go through three movements that you can do to help you ease your back pain and start your journey back to been able to move pain-free.

Watch the video below to see the 3 exercises

1) All 4’s Diaphragm Lengthening

The fist movement involves getting your diaphragm and intercostal muscles moving more. Your diaphragm sits under  your rib-cage and your intercostals are the muscles between your ribs.

Often these muscles loose their ability to move well in people who have back pain, resulting in a rib-cage that does not depress or lower well. If your rib-cage doesn’t depress well, it will look like your tummy is sticking out and your back is arched.

This position means that your back muscles are in a shortened position and are constantly working throughout the day. This will cause them to get tired, your body will protect itself by increasing tension in the muscle, resulting in pain and stiffness.

To perform the exercise:

  • Go down on your hands and knees
  • Round you back as much as you can
  • Breath in through your nose for 2 seconds
  • Slowly exhale for 6 seconds or more while rounding your back towards the ceiling and pushing your hands into the floor
  • Do this for 6 breaths
  • You should feel your tummy going inwards, ribs dropping down and your abs may start to tighten naturally also

2) Hamstring bridge with arm reach

A little bit more of challenging movement here and some people may find this difficult. Basically, the idea behind this exercise is to help get the pelvis into a more optimal position for you glutes muscles and hamstrings to work, which will take the work load off your lower back.

See everything in the body is linked to another part of your body and if one area of your body is not working as it should, then another part of your body is going to have to work harder to compensate for it.

A bit like having a lazy worker in a workplace. It means someone else has to work a little harder or else the performance and quality of the whole workplace will suffer.

To perform:

  • Put your feet up on a chair or bench so your knees are at a 90 degree angle
  • Lift your bum 1 inch off the floor, just enough so you can fit you hand underneath
  • In the video I have myself supported on my left heel only. If this is too hard, you can support yourself on your two heels.
  • Reach your right arm up to the ceiling, but make sure the back of your head stays in contact with the floor
  • Breath in for 2 seconds and out for 6 seconds, while reaching with your arm and having your weight supported on your heels
  • hold for 6 breaths
  • Again, your should feel your ribs lower as you exhale
  • And your hamstrings will burn (but a good burn)

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All 4’s Rock Backs

Back to a nice easy exercise.

This one is like a cat / camel exercise except you don’t extend your back, as in a lot of people with back pain, their back can be in an extended position already. ( and if your remember from earlier, this puts more stress on your lower back tissues)

In order to get more a relaxed movement in your back, we need to get you into flexed positions, which will improve mobility in your diaphragm and ribs, activate your lower abdominal muscles, take tension off your lower back muscles and help your glutes by putting them in a better position to allow them to function properly.

Hopefully this is all starting to make sense by now.

To perform this exercise:

  • Go on your hands and knees.
  • Round your back
  • Bring your bum back to your heels as you exhale
  • Do 6 reps

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So there we have three exercises that can help people get more mobility into their lower back, while helping to reduce excessive tone in muscles that can be overactive and also, activate ones that are underactive,

It seems quite a simple explanation and there is often more to it than that, but that is the general plan with most forms of treatment.

As everyone’s pain is unique to them and their story, if you get any pain during these movements, then STOP.

Check to see if you are performing them correctly and if you still get pain, then call me at the clinic on 089 210 2586 or get in touch with another health care professional.

Thanks for reading and see you in next weeks blog


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