3 Things You Need To Know To Help Beat Long-Term Pain

In this blog I will talk some more about persistent and chronic pain and what can be done to help someone who is suffering with pain on a daily or regular basis. In last weeks blog I talked about why pain can persist for longer than it should (read it here). In this blog I am going to talk about 3 things you need to understand first to help you on your journey back to doing the things you need to do and living without pain

1 – Pain is a necessary protective response

We all know how unpleasant pain can be and if you have lived with pain for a long time it would be very understandable if you were to say “I wish there was no such thing as pain”. Unfortunately, we do need pain to exist and if there was no such thing as pain, we would probably do some dangerous things and live quite short lives as a result.

Pain is a a necessary response to protect your body. For example, you need it to warn you if you put your hand too close to a fire. It stops you from running if you badly sprain your ankle, thereby limiting further damage. However, it is your body’s way of responding to a PERCEIVED threat and sometimes your body over interprets this perceived threat and you end up feeling more pain than you need to.

For people who suffer with persistent pain on a regular basis this is commonly what happens. Your nervous system over reacts and you can experience a flare up or a lot of pain from even the most slightest of movements.  Like I mentioned in the previous blog, your body is constantly analyzing information coming from your skin, eyes, muscles, ears etc and combines it with information from previous experiences, previous pains, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and fears.

This can often result in a more painful experience than necessary. The important thing to know for someone who is suffering with long-term pain is that this does not mean that you are after doing more damage to your body.

2 – Everyone’s pain is different

This is important to know because you will often get advise from many different people from your neighbour to your neighbours cat about what worked for them when they had a similar type of pain. But, what worked for them may not work for you and you will hear stories of people going to see a person who did some form of treatment and it wondrously fixed their back pain in 1 or two visits.

Unfortunately, what ever they did may not work for you as the stressors and reasons why you have experienced your back pain in the first place, will be unique to you. These will need to factored and taken account of in order to get you back to where you wanr to be.

If you think of pain like an iceberg with the tip of the iceberg being the pain you feel. In order to help that pain and prevent it from constantly dictating your life,  we need to look underneath the iceberg at all the issues that are causing the pain to persist.

3- You need a Plan

If you or someone you know, have been living with pain for a long time, it is very hard to return to a life without pain unless you have a plan. You need a road map that will show you how you can get from where you are now, to where you want to be. Otherwise, how do you know where to start and what you should do.

It also becomes very important if your recovery happens to be going well but you suffer a minor setback after a busy few days and your pain returns. If you don’t have a plan, it can be very easy to do the wrong thing or give up and say that you tried it, but it didn’t work. A plan will help you get back on track.

With all our patients, even those who may not have long term pain, we like to draw out a plan for them to show them what needs to be done to get to their outcome. It works great and has big benefits in helping them achieve their goal

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