3 tips To Ensure You Get A Great Nights Sleep

At Midlands Physical Therapy we understand the importance of sleep when it comes to not feeling stiff, achy and sore the next day.

In other words, if you are not sleeping well, the chances of you feeling stiff and achy the next day are a lot greater.

But what counts as a great nights sleep?

Well, here a few things that you can ask yourself to see if your getting quality sleep.

  1. Do you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day?
  2. Do you twist, toss and turn a lot or do you sleep soundly throughout the night?
  3. Do you get a lull or feeling of tiredness around 3pm during the day?
  4. Do you wake up feeling stiff and sore?

If you are answering yes to some of these questions then you may not be getting quality restorative sleep.

Now, how can we improve it?

The 3 tips are:

1 – Breath Light

Take a few minutes to wind down and switch off your mind from the busyness and bustle of the day, by focusing on your breath. If you can breathe lightly through your nose for a few minutes it can really relax your mind and your body, getting into that rest and digest phase that is necessary for a good sleep.

Take 5 minutes to slowly and quietly breathe through your nose and just focus on your breath to quieten you mind and your body.

2 – Put Away Electronic Devices

You may have heard this before but how many of us spend 20 minutes or more looking at a phone or tablet before bed. You can do things like switch on the blue light filter which can lessen the negative effects of looking at a bright screen, but if you can, try and avoid it for up to 5 -10 minutes before you shut your eyes.

Pick up a book instead to give your eyes a break from the light that gets emitted from screens.

3 – Avoid alcohol or any stimulants

Again, I don’t want to sound like your mammy, but it has been proven in numerous studies that alcohol impairs the quality of your sleep. Unfortunately, this means even one drink.

You may think that you have a great sleep after a glass of baileys or a wine but are you waking up as fresh as you could be.

Foods like chocolate can have a negative effect also and stimulate your body rather than relaxing. it.

Bonus Tip:

Try and have a regular time that you go to bed at. If you can fall asleep at a regular time each night then there is a much greater chance that you will wake naturally at a regular time each morning, without that feeling of tiredness or grogginess.

So there you have it.

3 tips (well 4 really), that you can try to help you hop out of bed in the morning and have you feeling fresh and full of life.

To Recap:

Light nasal breathing, put the phone away, leave the drink in the drink cabinet (until the weekend at least) and get to bed at a regular hour each night.

If you have questions about why your feeling stiff and achy in the morning, then don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 09064 66761

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