3 Tips To Help Reduce Morning Back Ache and Stiffness

Back ache and stiffness in the morning time, that can improve after a while when the person ‘gets going’, is a common complaint that I hear. 

‘I’m as stiff as a board’ in the morning or ‘it takes me a while just to loosen up and get going’ are common sayings that I hear.  

Once they do ‘loosen up’ then commonly their back can feel fine during the day, until the evening time, when an ache returns and the cycle of stiffness repeats until the next morning. 

It can wear and slow you down to say the least. 

But can anything be done to help?

Thankfully, in most cases, yes. In only a small amount of cases there may be an inflammatory condition that gets worse over night and results in pain and stiffness in the morning, but these numbers are low. 

In the majority of other cases, it can be helped. Apart from going to see a physio for an assessment and some hands on treatment, here are three simple tips that you can try yourself, to help your back feel a bit better in the morning.  

1 – Gentle movements before bed

If your back is stiff and achy in the evening and when you go to bed, then there is a good chance that it will be that like that in the morning time also. 

There is more than likely some imbalance or movement habit there that is causing your back to ‘tighten’.

Some gentle stretching type movements that are slow and easy so you can relax into them can give your muscles and joints a chance to loose some tension that they may have from the day. 

You can do them before you get ready for bed and just make sure they are slow and gentle. You don’t want to be raising your heart rate before you get into bed for a nights sleep. 

2 – Improve the quality of your sleep

The quality of your sleep (more here) can have a big influence on how fresh and how ‘loose’ you feel the next morning. 

If you have a poor nights sleep, then you will not get into the restful state of sleep that is the reason behind sleep in the first place. 

Going to bed feeling anxious, looking at a laptop, worrying, or in a bad mood can all have the effect of putting your body into a ‘fight or flight’ state, which is not good for restorative sleep. 

If you struggle with your sleep here are a few tips to help. Don’t be looking at your phone, table or laptop for at 30 minutes before you go to bed and definitely while you are in bed.

Try to calm or distract your mind by reading a book, practicing some calm breathing or mindfulness if you are an anxious person.

Adopt a comfortable sleeping position. One where you won’t wake up in an awkward position that can lead to a feeling of stiffness. 

By practicing some nasal breathing before you go to sleep, this can help promote breathing through your nose while sleeping, which can greatly improve your sleep quality. 

3 – Take a hot shower or bath in the  morning

For most, a shower will be more practical and time effective, however, if you have the luxury of been able to take a bath  in the morning, then do it. 

It can really relax you body and help take your mind off your achy back and when it is time to get moving, your back ache can be gone. 

A shower can have a similar effect and a lot of people will stand in a shower for an extra few minutes, to get some relief into their back. 

It’s not going to cure the problem, but it can help relieve the symptoms and get you going about your daily tasks, feeling less stiff and less achy.


So there you have it. Three simple tips that have the potential to relieve that aching and stiff feeling in your back, that so many people suffer with in the morning. 

Take one tip and try it out. If it helps, great. See which one you can take to suit your lifestyle. 

As I said in the paragraph above, they won’t be the solution to the problem but if they help even a little bit, that can set you up for the day in better shape that you would have been.

However, if you your back ache has been there for a while and you would like a more long lasting solution, then we can help you start that process.

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