3 Tips To Help You Avoid Getting Back Pain When Christmas Shopping

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’……

Christmas is great, but let’s face it – Christmas shopping can be hard work.

Especially if you are very busy in the run up to Christmas and end up leaving the shopping to the last minute…… (like me)

I often hear patients in the clinic saying that their back can be aching after a few hours of shopping this time of year.

But is there anything that can be done to help avoid this happening?

Let’s read on to find out

It can be a stressful time.

If you have ever suffered with back pain in the past you’ll know that it can come and go for no apparent reason – sometimes your back is great, other times it is stiff and achy.

This is often because in people who suffer with back pain, there is an inefficient movement habit or adaptation that has built up over time and this can results in stiffness or pain when there is more pressure placed on their body.

Examples of this pressure can be stressors such as the extra physical stress of been on your feet more, the mental stress of having to find the ‘right’ present, stress of money worries, family stress etc.

The run up to Christmas can put a lot of extra stressors, such as these, on people which can leave them more susceptible to aches and pains.

So here are 3 tips to help reduce your chances of this happening to you.

1 – Take regular breaks

Shops at Christmas are busy. Long ques, long waits, more people to meet and have a chat with, more people to not meet and a lot of standing around deciding on what to buy.

This all means extra time on your feet and a lot of time standing in the one spot.

This can problematic for people who suffer with back pain so my tip is to take a break after a while and sit down for a cup of tea or coffee. Take 15 to 20 minutes to relax and watch everyone else buzzing around while you give your feet and your body a much deserved break.

2 – Avoid the long ques if possible

Standing, rather than walking, can be an issue for a lot of people I see with back pain. If your back muscles are quite tight and prone to aches and stiffness then standing can add to this.

Often as people backs get achy they will stand with more of arch in their back which can further increase the activity in your back muscles.

If you are shopping with someone and it is possible for them to que while you go and walk around, or even find a seat, then take that opportunity.

Your back will thank you for it.

3 – Do some stretching when you get home.

If there was no way to avoid a tough days shopping and you back is a little achy , then a little bit of stretching when you get home will help with that feeling or aches or stiffness.

Stretching will get some good movement into your muscles and give some good feedback up to your brain, which will feel good.

You will feel a bit freer for the rest of the evening and you may be very thankful for doing it, the following day

So there you have it

A few tips to help keep your back under control while doing the Christmas Shopping.

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