5 Helpful Tips To Know After You First Session

1 – You May Feel A Little Tender, But That Will Pass

Your initial assessment will have involved some movements that you may not have done in a while and you may have had some hands on treatment. So, it can be normal to feel a little tender afterwards. (Clients can often report this as a ‘good soreness’.) But don’t worry, this is normal, and it will usually eases within 12 – 24 hours

2 – Check Your Email For Your Exercises

Videos of your exercises will be sent within 10 minutes of your session and will be waiting in your email inbox for you. (Be sure to check your spam, junk or promotions folder incase and then save our address to be sure you will receive them).

If you don’t get them then let us know and we will resend them

3 – Should I Be Moving Or Resting?

A bit of both to be honest and there is no one hard and fast rule. But here is our advice. In general, rest from the movements or activities that aggravate your pain and continue with any movements that don’t. 

Please note that if your injury is acute, there is an inflammatory response occurring in your body and if you rest or sit for too long, you can stiffen up. Mix movement with rest – Little and often.

4 – How Often Should I Do My Exercises?

Again, little and often works really well. We try to integrate your exercises into your daily activities as much as possible. So rather than thinking ‘I need to do 3 sets of 10 reps x 3 times per day, think, where are the opportunities to practice your exercises. 

For example, squashing an orange under your foot every time you get up off a chair to engage your leg muscles, or practice your back relaxation exercise every time you have to bend down to put on your socks or tie your laces, 

5 – All Additional Content Is Designed To Help 

As you go through your treatment plan with us we will send some emails with helpful tips and advice and may check in by whats app, text or a quick call. Please know that we only do this with the sole purpose of helping you achieve your desired outcome.  We also have a tonne of resources available between our website, private Facebook Group (which you can below), instagram page and our Youtube page. Feel free to check them out. 

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We Are Just 1 Phone Call, 1 Email And 1 Message Away

  • Get in touch if you are not sure 

If you are still unsure about your pain, what you should be doing or have any questions about your physio treatment, please do get in touch. We would much rather you reaching and asking us, rather than sitting at home confused or worrying.  

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Remember It’s a Journey, Not A Sprint

Getting lasting relief can take time

We have helped over one thousand people in the midlands area be successful in getting lasting relief from pain and achieving their outcome. To it right, it can take some time and you need to trust the plan and process. Stick to the exercises and advice you are given after your session until your next session. If you do this, then there is very high chance that you will make progress between sessions. We can then progress you further and bring you another step in your plan.

The biggest mistake people make, is to skip steps.

We see it time and time again. Patients feel great after a treatment and decide to go running again or spend 2 hours in the garden…….. except their bodies are not ready for that level of exposure yet. Follow the plan and we will help you get to your destination safely, and in the shortest time possible.

If You Have Any Further Questions, Please Get in Touch

Otherwise, we will see you at your next session