Marathon Tapering Tips

We are just under a week away from the 2019 Dublin City Marathon and while the majority of people who are running it will have (or should have) their training plans well executed, I thought I would go through some some tapering tips, especially to help those who are running it for the first time.

The two weeks leading up to a marathon can be a tricky one. You’ve done your training, put in the hard work and running long distances is a regular and normal activity.

Cutting down on your miles can seem like a very strange thing to do and can be quite difficult. But it is necessary if you want to perform well in the race.

So lets go through a couple of tips to help you perform to the your best on the big day. (Unfortunately, I could have done with paying more attention to these when I did mine, and paid the price for it)

1 – Resist the urge to cram in the miles.

By this stage you are so used to running that the shorter, slower runs may not even seem like exercise to you. But it is important to stick to the training plan and cut back on mileage. These training plans are made by guys who know what they are talking about.

Resist the urge to try and catch up for lost miles that you missed in the weeks before. If you haven’t put in the miles by this stage, these last few weeks are not going to make a difference. (One of my mistakes)

Find something to do that you haven’t done over the last few months, like meeting up with friends, going to the cinema or reading a book that has been sitting on the shelf for a few months.

2 – Don’t worry about feeling sluggish

It’s natural to feel a little fatigued and stiff during the last few weeks. Other people will be feeling it too so don’t panic. Your body is just storing up on carbohydrates and water.

To counteract this you can throw some race pace miles into your short runs to get your heart rate up and your fast twitch muscle fibers stimulated.

3 – Don’t get too fancy with your foods.

The week before the marathon is not the time to try out that new curry recipe that you have been thinking about on those long runs. Keep your diet the same for the few days leading up to the race and even on the race day itself.

If you normally had a cup and tea and toast before your long run and it worked, then stick to it on the day of the race too.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

4.Hold off on the new runners

The same applies to your runners. Don’t go out and buy a new pair of runners the week before the race so you can look good when you run by your friends.

Stick to the ones you are used to. Now is not the time to start introducing new things. We want to stick with tried and tested material only.

5 – Plan out the race in your head.

If this is your first marathon, the temptation will be to go out fast and get ahead of the people around you. It’s a long race so don’t get caught up in the excitement of the first few miles.

Aim to run the second half of the race close to your first and the only way you will do that is by pacing yourself.

You should have an realistic idea of your time in your head. There are pacers there to help with bright flags on their backs. Stick to them if they are close to your time and they will bring you along.

Lastly, Remember To Enjoy It.

Running a marathon is a huge achievement. This is what you have been working towards for a good part of the year so soak it up,  enjoy the atmosphere and bring the stories back home to tell your friends and family.


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