5 Tips You Need To Know If You Have Hurt Your Back

Everyday I see people with back pain in my clinic and one of the key things in the first few days after a back injury, is getting the right advice. It can often be the difference between a back problem lasting a few days or lingering on for a long time and developing into a persistent problem.

In this video I go through 5 tips to help ensure you do the right things if you have suffered with a back injury.

In brief the 5 tips are to

1 – Don’t panic

2 – Assess

3 – Avoid any aggravating movements

4 – Pain management

5 – Gentle movements

If you follow these tips in the very early stages of hurting your back, it can make a difference to how quickly you get back to doing he things you love and need to do.

It is important to know that these tips will get you so far, however, in order to get the problem sorted properly and ensure that you do not you are not going to suffer with a  back problem on an ongoing basis, my advice is to get it seen to by a physio who can assess and give you the best plan to get your ideal outcome.

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