5 Tips To Help You To A Full Recovery After A Marathon

Dublin City Marathon is just around the corner.

All those hard weeks of training so you can be in the best possible condition for the 26 mile route through the city of Dublin… but have you given any thought to how you will be after the race?

So I thought it might be nice to help you out, with some essential tips to get you the best recovery in the days after the race.

5 Essential Tips To Aid Your Recovery

1 – Keep Moving

This may be the last thing you want to do but after you cross the finish line try to avoid the temptation to sit down and collapse in a corner.

If you keep moving and walking around for the next 15-20 minutes you can make a difference to how stiff you feel the next day. Drink water, eat some fruit and walk around soaking up the atmosphere.

Later that evening try some stretching and some gentle dynamic movements to help your body from been too stiff the next day.

2 – Don’t Over Celebrate

After the race you will be feeling mighty proud of yourself and the temptation can be there to celebrate, Irish style. In other words, hit the pub. While a few beers and a pizza afterwards might seem like the nicest you’ve ever had, watch that it doesn’t turn into a ‘evening session,’ as you will really pay the price the next day.

Even in the days afterwards, what you eat can have a big effect on your recovery as your body will be used to a good diet in the weeks leading up to the marathon.

Don’t shock it too much by completely changing it.

3 – Don’t Work Too Hard Afterwards.

A marathon can cause a lot of stress on your, especially if it’s your first one. The last thing you need after running 26 miles is to have a busy week of work lined up in the days afterwards.

In Dublin, they have made a great decision by changing the race to a Sunday, which allows you to rest on the Bank Holiday Monday.

Try to manage stressors, be it emotional, mental or physical by been able to take things easy in the following few days, to give your body the best chance of recovery.

4 – Recovery Runs

Again, this may be the last thing on your mind if it is your first or second marathon but experienced marathon runners will tell you the difference a few light recovery runs can make.

Keep them light, short and easy. No more than 3 miles and a good gauge of how fast you should be going is that you should be able to breathe only through your nose as you run.

If you can’t, your going too fast.

5 – Treat Yourself to a Sports Massage.

If you muscles are aching then a sports massage can offer great relief and help your recover faster.

All you need is 30 minutes to make a big difference to the way you feel after the race.

And to make things even easier for you, if you bring in your Dublin City Marathon with you we will offer you 50% off a Sports Massage.

Make sure to call 09064 66761 to let us know if you are calling in and we’ll get you booked into the slot that suits you best.

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