5 Tips To Keep You Physically And Mentally Well During The Covid Crisis

The events that are happening in relation to the Covid 19 crisis are completely new and alien for most of us. It has caused a major chance to everyone’s lifestyle and everyone is having to adapt to what the government and Health organisations are advising us on.

A lot of us, including myself, are having to spend our days at home and it is so important for us now to keep physically and mentally well.

With that in mind I have come up with 5 tips to help your keep your days as focused and productive as they can be over the weeks and months ahead.

1 – Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Getting in some exercise first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day. It does not have to be much. Just 20 – 30 minutes of some form of movement, be it walking, skipping, stretching, cycling, something to get your heart rate going and your joints moving.

For me personally, if I don’t exercise in the morning, something will come up later that day with the kids or with work and chances are I won’t get around to exercise. It is also great for your head and mentally you feel so much more awake and fresh as opposed to relying on a few cups of coffee to get you going.

2 – Get Your Most Important Item For That Day Done First

After your morning exercise and your breakfast, write down what the most important thing that you have to do that day and allocate some time in the morning to get it done first. This can feel great because if you get it out of the way, then whatever else you do in that day is a bonus.

The most important item of the day is going to be completely unique to you and it doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it is top of the ‘to – do’ list for the day.

3 – Eat Good Food

It can very easy when the kids are off school and when you are not at work to fall into ‘holiday mode’. This can mean eating more junk food and having a beer or a glass of wine every evening. It’s nice at the time, but it is going to affect your sleep, you getting up in the morning to exercise and your productivity the next day.

So, try to stick to normal eating habits within reason because we don’t know how long this situation is going to last and we don’t want to come the other side in worse shape than we were at the start.

4 – Stick To A Good Sleeping Routine

Especially during the week, try to treat it as if it is a normal working week. Get to bed at the same time you would normally go to bed at and get in your good 6 – 8 hours sleep. Kids give a great example of when sleeping routines are disrupted. They are not in great form (to put it mildly) when they don’t get their normal sleep and although adults can hide it better, disrupted sleep routines does have a negative effect on you the next day.

5 – Breathe and Return To The Present

There is a lot of uncertainty and stress going around at the moment and it is normal to feel some level of it. What we don’t want to happen is to get carried away with fear and what may happen in the future as it can ramp up your stress and anxiety levels, increase your blood pressure and have really negative effects on your mind and your body.

One very effective way to return your mind to the present and a more calm and relaxed state is through calm breathing. This is the whole basis around mindfulness and meditation but you don’t have to be an expert on this for it to work. Taking 3 minutes to slow down your breath and calmly breathe in and out through your nose is a great way of focusing your mind and taking it away from all the other things you may be worrying about.

In the clinics private Facebook group I am doing a series of videos on breathing exercises that you can use to help you keep your breathing healthy and your mind healthy. You can join my Free Private Facebook Group by clicking here

So, hopefully those 5 tips will help. You can see how they all can relate to each other.

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Stay Safe and keep mentally and physically well,




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