A Players Day At The Rugby World Cup

The whole country is a bit rugby mad at the moment as 20 teams from around the world are fighting to do themselves, their family and their country proud…… 

…. and Ireland have as good a chance as any of coming home with the trophy …….imagine. ?

So, over the next few weeks I’m going to writing a few pieces on the challenges, stresses and typical injuries encountered in rugby….. starting off with today’s, where I will look at what a typical day in the training camp might look like. 

(I’ve done a bit of research and asked a few friends who are involved with pro rugby teams to help me out on this one)

A Typical Day In The Training Camp

7.15am : Alarm goes off and we’re up and about. You shout across at your roommate to get up

7.45am: You head down to meet with the rest of the team for the hotel breakfast. A good mix of protein and carbs for the day. 

8.30am: Off to the physio for a movement session to stretch and prepare you body for the day.

This will also include some screening tests to see if anyone is more prone to picking up an injury. If they are down on some tests they will be singled out for individual work with the physio and strength and conditioning coach.

9.15am: Tactics and analysis – meet up with the coaching team to watch some videos of the opposition and looking for areas where can they exploit.

10am: A quick snack and fresh air to keep alert

10.15am: More video analysis: this time they might go through their own plays. What is working well and what can they improve on. 

11.15am: Field session: Lets put some of those drills into play. Be sure to get in a good warm up with the strength and conditioning team. 

Play a 20 – 30 minute practice match

Kickers or individual players who need to work on their skills do so under the watchful eye of the coaches

Cool down, stretch and team talk

1.30pm: Lunch – a good mix of protein and carbs to help those muscles perform to their best. 

2pm: Chill out time: This could include a power nap, a walk, reading or x box (depending on the age). 

5pm Massage: a session with the masseur or extra session with the physio if needed

6.30pm: Dinner with the team

8pm: Either a talk with the team or some motivational talk from a psychologist or guest speaker

9.15pm: Downtime – either some Netflix, xbox, reading or some pool

10.30pm Lights out

What do you think?

So roughly, that is what an average day of one of the Irish Players over in the training camp in Japan might consist of. Would you do it?

Tune in next week where I’m going to go through some of the common injuries that rugby players can experience. 

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