A Very Common Cause Of Knee Pain

In part two of our series of blogs focused on knee pain, I am going to talk about a very common issue that I come across in the clinic, that can lead to people developing knee pain.

I hear it all the time at the clinic. People who come to see us with knee pain and say “I don’t know why my knees are sore. I didn’t do anything to hurt them”

As we may know, the site of pain is not always the reason behind the pain. This is why I place a big emphasis in the clinic on listening to the persons story and looking at the whole body, to get a really good idea of any previous injuries, pains or stressors that can lead to people developing knee pain, even though they have not doing anything in particular to hurt their knee.

More often than not, when people develop knee pain, it is as a result of them putting too much pressure through their knees when they are moving. This is not a conscious movement behavior that the person is in control of, but a subconsciuos one that develops over time as a result of previous injuries or repetitive stressors.

If we take a simple example of someone who has sprained their ankle. Their bodies natural way of allowing their ankle to heal will be to reduce putting pressure through the ankle. This may mean walking with a limp or a hobble for a couple of days, which is perfectly fine in the short term.

However, where problems can occur is when there is an imbalance left over as a result of an injury where the muscles around the ankle may not be working efficiently with the muscles further up the leg.

This can result in an inefficient movement habit which can lead to the person not putting sufficient pressure through their ankle and then their knee has to take up the additional pressure, which leads to the knee getting overworked, stiff and sore.

This scenario can happen from any injury or inefficiency around a joint in the lower body and it can result in the knees getting overloaded.

How do we know if the knees are doing too much work

In order to find out what areas of the body are not moving or working as effectively as they can an individual assessment really is the best answer. In the clinic we combine our assessment with the patients story to find out what the true problem behind the knee pain.

Once we know this we can then set about building a plan to reduce the knee pain and get the person back to where they need to be, without there knee pain constantly returning.

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