Are You In Pain And Confused Over What To Do About It?

Are you currently suffering with pain and not sure why?

Are you not sure who is best person to see to get help with it?

If so, I can assure you that you are not alone as there are many people out there who are in the same situation.

There are so many therapists and forms or treatments out there that it can be very confusing trying to decide who is the best person to see.

Often people are skeptical, nervous or unsure about going for treatments and don’t want to waste their money on poor treatment…….

….so they end doing nothing about.

And the problem lingers on and often gets worse.

That is why I’ve come up with a special service at my clinic where you can try out physical therapy….

.. and not pay a cent for it.

It’s called a Discovery Visit and it’s suitable for anyone who is fearful, nervous or skeptical about what physical therapy or physio can do for them.

It is a FREE 30  minute session where you come to my clinic and tell me all about the pain your experiencing and how it came about.

I’ll then do an assessment and give you my opinion on what is going on with your body and what needs to be done to get you back to pain-free activity.

It’s 100% FREE with no obligation to book anything.

It’s there to help you make a better decision about your health and to inform you of what you have to do to start your journey back to doings the things you love to do.

If you are interested in booking a Discovery Visit or if you know of a friend or family member who would benefit from it, then click the button below

or call the clinic on 089 210 2586

Hope you a great day.


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