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Here Is How You Can Transform Your Everyday Life Over The Next 10 Days

When you sign up to this program you will receive 10 days of emails from Derek Stenson of Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic that will show how you can ease your back pain from the comfort of your own home.

Each day, for 10 days, you will be shown simple movements and techniques that you can use to regain control of your body and allow you do your everyday WITHOUT getting back pain.

In this 10 day challenge you will learn

  • How to relieve your back pain when it strikes
  • A simple exercise that will allow you to get up and down off a chair with ease
  • A 90 second exercise that allows you to get a good nights sleep and wake up with more energy
  • A technique that allows you to put on your socks in the morning with ease and little effort
  • How to bend to pick something off the floor without worrying about your back ‘giving way’
  • And much more
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Derek Stenson physio

Meet Your Physio
Derek Stenson

Clinic Owner And Head Physio

Dear Reader

If you are fed up with living with back pain and would like to return to living with a life that is not dictated by your back then then you need to try this program.

I will reveal exercises and tips that I have successfully helped many people overcome their back pain. They will help you

  • Get a better night sleep
  • Have more energy that last longer throughout the day
  • To not have to rely on medication when pain strikes
  • Find out why you your back pain is not going away
  • What needs to be done to ease your back pain and help it go away for good
  • How you can be more active with less back pain
  • How you can ensure that your back problem does not get worse and take over you life in years to come.

Living with back pain can be exhausting.

It can be very frustrating when you have tried many things to try and find a solution but to no avail.

Many people in the Midlands area have got this solution and outcome they want for the back from our step by step approach to treating back pain.

There is no trick or magic device involved. It involves you having the right information to know why your back pain is not going away and then been shown the tools and exercises you can do to help it go away.

Over the course of the next 10 days, I will guide you through these exercises so that you can practice them from the comfort of your own home.

Exercises that are simple to do but you must also require a deep motivation to return to doing the things you love, WITHOUT back pain always getting in the way.

Even if you have had your back pain for years, by using the exercise and advice that I show you, you can reduce you pain 40%, 50% or more……

What difference could that make to your life and what more could that allow you to do?


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Find Out How These People Got The Results They Were Looking For Using The System We Use To Help Beat Their Back Pain….

……You Can Too

“Derek is 100% person centered, he does not rush through an appointment and spends a lot of time initially talking about the history of your problems, your current experience, what you need (and what is possible) to achieve then gets to work. Derek uses online videos with the exercises required which are a great resource,I can not recommend Derek highly enough and would give 10 Stars if I could”

“I recently attended 6 therapy sessions with Derek at Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic, having initially gone to him with severe neck, shoulder and upper back pain which left me unable to enjoy doing things I love such as gardening. Since completing the 6 sessions Derek recommended I am practically pain free most of the time as I continue to do the exercises he gave me. What I like about Midlands Physio clinic is the caring approach they adapt with each patient with regular e-mails and calls to see how their treatment plan is going and the fact that they are only a phone call away should any problems develop. I would certainly recommend Derek and the Midland Physio Clinic”

“Derek was very attentive when I described my issue. His assessment made total sense when explained to me and the following treatment resolved my lower back issue (as long as I keep up my exercises). The videos of the exercises were a great help as you often question yourself as to whether you’re doing them correctly at home. Would highly recommend him.”

“I would recommend Derek. I attended his clinic suffering with lower back pain, after 7 sessions I felt a huge improvement. Excellent, professional and friendly service.”

“Great clinic. I had 6 physio sessions at Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic to help alleviate my lower back pain and it has helped extremely. I found the exercise videos Derek sent very helpful and I would recommend Derek to anyone that is suffering with pain.”

“I had suffered from lower back pain on and off over the years but recently it had flared up again as a result of a minor gardening chore. It completely incapacitated me and sitting at a desk or driving wasn’t possible due to chronic pain in my lower back and extending into my right leg. I had attended many physiotherapy clinics but none resolved the pain. I learned of Derek’s Midlands Physio clinic and made an appointment for an initial suitability assessment. Subsequently I began a six step programme which resulted in my being pain free having completed the sessions. The programme was designed around my particular symptoms and was supported by appropriate exercises. Derek followed up after each session with on line video exercises which were made available to me and were easily accessible. I would strongly recommend Derek’s clinic for lower back pain resolution”

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About Derek Stenson

Derek Stenson is the main physio and clinic owner of Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic. He has been helping people aged 40 + from all around the midlands live a more active and healthy life by allowing them to get back to doing the things they love to do, without pain getting in the way.

He uses a step by step system, that he has learned off the English rugby physio Dave O Sullivan, that enables him to get to the route cause of the pain and help ensure he gets last lasting results for his patients and not just short term pain relief.

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