Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

Are you fed up with back pain always returning and dictating what you can and can’t do each day? Are you finding it hard to sit comfortably, are struggling to get a good nights sleep or find you are taking longer to ‘get going’ in the morning and are worried about losing your mobility? 

If the answer is yes, then let us tell how we have helped well over one thousand people in the Athlone, Moate and surrounding midlands area overcome complaints like this and return to moving with confidence and free of back pain. <Book an appointment with Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic using Setmore/span>

We Can Help You Get A Long Lasting Solution So You Don’t Have To Worry About….

  • Your health slipping, because you can’t move and exercise the way you want to.
  • Missing out on family activities and social events because your back pain has ‘flared up’ again.
  • Having to always reach for painkillers to control your back pain so you can ‘get through’ another day. 

Get Lasting Back Pain Relief Whether You Have Hurt Yourself Recently Or Have Suffered For Years. 

It’s frustrating spending time, money and effort without the result:

A lot of our clients had already spent hundreds, if not thousands of euro on other healthcare options before coming to see. These often include trips to their GP,  chiropractors, physios, massage therapists, acupuncture, pain-relief, injections, surgery, yoga, Pilates, the list goes on.

It is so hard trying to figure things out for yourself with so much misleading information.

There is so much conflicting information from health care practitioners regarding back pain such as ‘you must sit up straight’ and ‘suck in your tummy when you move’. A lot of this is outdated, not helpful and very often, not true. We can save you the frustration, time and energy spent trying to figure it out on your own, by following our tried and proven framework.

Regain confidence in your body in the shortest possible time.

It is actually not that difficult to regain confidence and control in your body again once you are given the right steps to take. We teach key skills and steps that are the difference between getting short term quick fixes as opposed to lasting change, that allows you to take back control of your life.

Learn our step by step framework to overcome back pain. 

How are we different to other clinics you may have tried before? The answer lies in the method and step by step system we use that has helped over 1000 people in the midlands area live without pain. We are not going to give you the same advice and ‘run of the mill’ exercises that you will have already heard of. We will treat you as an individual and focus on the movements and skills that are going to make the biggest difference to your life.

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We Look At The Whole Body And Don’t Just Treat The Symptoms, So You Can Get Lasting Change.

Save Yourself The Time, Energy And Frustration Of Trying To Do It Yourself

So many people waste time and energy trying to figure it out themselves, not to mention the wasted money on short term relief or ‘gimmicky’ treatments that don’t wok. Follow our proven framework that we have used to help countless people before return to living with confidence and freedom. Here is how our step by step system can help.

we'll search for the true cause

1 – Understand Your Story

In order to understand why your back pain has not gone away, we need to find the true cause of your problem. In your initial assessment we understand, and then explain, how any previous injuries, emotional experiences, challenges and stressful events may have contributed to your problem. 

Step 2: – Your Own Unique Plan

With your help, we will then design your own step by step treatment plan that fits your life and gives you a roadmap on how you get back to where you need to be. This plan will give you the best chance of achieving your outcome safely and in the shortest time possible. 

explaining treatments for patients
Hands on treatment for back pain

3: Hands On Treatment To Ease Your Pain & Get You Moving Comfortably

We will use a combination of specific hands on treatment and movements to help relieve your back pain and get you moving more comfortably.  By this stage, our aim is to allow you to do the basic, but key, movements of sitting, standing, bending and sleeping with more comfort and ease. 

Step 4: Videos Of Your Rehab Exercises To Ensure You Make Progress 

We build stability and confidence through some key exercises that will be specific to your needs. To be sure that you make progress in between sessions, we send videos of all your exercises straight to your phone, tablet or laptop after your appointment so you can be sure you are doing them safely and correctly.  

Step 5: – Move With Confidence And Get Lasting Change 

In order to ensure lasting change you need to learn some key skills and movement habits that will give you strength and resilience. We want you to have the confidence and ability to effectively deal with all the stresses you face in your daily life, whether this is at work, home, exercise, sport or a combination of all of them.

Here Is What Our Patients Have To Say About Us

"I would and have recommended Derek to anybody as I had suffered severe back pain from an accident. I always had worn a back support and not very confident in lifting without it. I was always in constant pain but put up with it . Derek worked with me and after a a few sessions I noticed a difference as I’m not in constant pain and now I don’t need the back support and feel more confident in lifting and moving around."

Alan Barr, Midlands

I linked with Derek initially online and then when possible I attended his clinic. He has been so professional and delivered an individual plan for me. My back pain is greatly reduced and it has been strategies that Derek taught me that has improved my quality of life. I have found Derek's approach has been excellent and has changed my attitude to my back problem. I feel very confident that with his help that I will be soon able to do all the things that are important to me.""

Anna Marie Nevin, Roscommon

"Derek is gifted, I've gone to loads of different physio which left me in more pain than usual, Derek's approach with taking small steps resulted in major changes in my life. He goes over and above to help you and is interested in you and how best to help you to suit your life. if you want someone to listen to your story, analyze it and show you the roadmap to getting better, I would highly recommend Midlands Physio."

Linda, Mullingar

"I went to the clinic as I was in a lot of pain and this was negatively impact on my day to day activities. From the beginning, Derek made me feel very comfortable. He asked several questions to determine the best course of action to suit me and put a plan in place. A few sessions later, I am pain free and have an arsenal of stretches and movements to prevent a recurrence.

Sandra Walsh, Midlands

Save Yourself Years Of Costly Trial & Error By Using Our Blueprint To Feeling Confident and Free Of Worry About Your Back 

Why waste years struggling along, trying to figure things out for yourself? You can save this time and get a much better result when you get our expert advice and use our blueprint to enjoying family gatherings and social events again. It’s like a shortcut which gives you a clear path of how you can return to actually enjoying doing your everyday tasks again.

What Is I Have Been Told I Have Wear And Tear Or A Slipped Disc?

To be honest our approach does not change. While we have to respect an injury to a disc, if you have hurt it recently,  we will still guide you through the steps in a safe and graded way. We have helped countless people over the past five years who have had disc problems by following our method and approach.

Are You Ready To Regain Confidence In Your Body Again?

Would you like to do this in shortest time possible? To have more energy, focus and productivity without years of trail and error that it usually takes? Then click on the button below to enquire about an appointment and we will get back to you as quick as can

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