What are the best running biomechanics

There are three things you can try to help with your running biomechanics that will help you prevent getting injured. They are:

1) Landing midfoot. Landing midfoot and landing softly allows the foot to absorb the most impact from the ground and helps prevent too much force travelling up the body. Heel striking is not ideal as your heel cannot absorb shock and therefore the knee and the hips have to take the impact.

2) Increase your cadence. Cadence is the amount of times your foot strikes the ground. 180 times per minute is ideal. Too slow a cadence means you are taking big steps and this can bring on injury

3) Land with your foot under your body. Ideal landing position is with your foot landing under your weight with the knee slightly flexed. Landing with the foot in front of your body and the knee straight is a good way to bring on injury.

If you are used to running in a certain style then it can be hard to change everything at once but if you bring in one step at a time it will make the transition easier. For a full assessment and to get an individual injury prevention exercise programme then book an appointment with Midlands Physical Therapy

Also have a look at the short video


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