Ensuring that you do not get injured can be  hard to guarantee against but the are a number of things that we can to lower your risk of getting injured in a non contact situation.

From the person/ athletes perspective, their are a few things that they can monitor

1) That they gradually build up the amount of time they spend training and don’t have any sharp increases from one week to the next. This allows their tissues (muscles,  ligaments, tendons, fascia) time to adjust and develop, according the demands of their activity.

2) Ensure that they are preforming their movements with good technique. A good way to do this is to start off slowly and learn the skill well first at a slow speed, before speeding it up.  This will help you ‘groove’ the correct pattern into your body and help you perform it efficiently.

3) Add strength training to your exercise program. The stronger you can make your tissues, then the LESS likely they will  break down and get injured. Also eccentric training has the effect of strengthening and lengthening a muscle. Double the value!

4) Ensure you are getting enough sleep. The more you train the more sleep becomes an important factor to ensure your body is able to recover efficiently for the next training session

5) Eat and hydrate well. There is plenty of information out there on nutrition and hydration and its quite obvious that if you are putting extra demands on your body then you need to be ensure you are feeding it well, so it can meet those demands. Tissue hydration leads to adhesions, trigger points and PAIN .

6) Add variability to your training. Your body needs to be challenged to adapt. Add different movements, different intensities and different surfaces to keep your body guessing and adapting to these different challenges. This will ensure your body is able to adapt when met with you obstacles.

You can protect your body against non-contact injuries.

Stretching alone is simply not enough

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