Why Accept That You Should Have To Live With Back Pain

Some interesting things you need to know about low back pain

MRI scans relate poorly with back pain

When people have scans for back pain, the scans often show up things that are poorly linked with pain. In fact, studies have shown that even people who don’t have back pain have things like bulging discs (52pc of people), degenerated or black discs (90pc), herniated discs (28pc) and ‘arthritic’ changes visible (38pc).

Prolonged bed rest is not good

Initially some rest can be helpful to allow initial healing. however, there is very strong evidence that keeping active and returning to all usual activities gradually, including work and hobbies, is important in aiding recovery. Prolonged bed rest is unhelpful, and is associated with higher levels of pain, greater disability, poorer recovery and longer absence from work. 

There is no perfect sitting posture 

This may surprise people but there is no evidence to support slouching leading to back pain. Likewise no specific sitting posture has been shown to prevent or reduce back pain. In fact, many people with back pain can adopt very rigid postures (eg sitting extremely upright) with little variation and this can influence back pain. 

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