Check Out Our Amazing Physio Offers

Offer 1 – For New Patients – “Find The True Cause”

Buy An Initial Assessment And Discounted Follow Up Treatment 

ONLY €85! (Saving You €45)

Have you have been struggling with an ongoing pain or injury?

Would you like to find out what is going on so you can get a solution?

In our Initial Assessment we find the true reason why the problem is there and will show what needs to done to find a solution with our unique step by step plan

You will also get the next follow up appointment at a greatly discounted price with this great offer

*Valid until April 2020

Offer 2 – For Past Patients – Prevention & Wellness

Keep Yourself As Good As You Can Be

Have you an ongoing an persistent problem that you have had physio for before and know you will may some more physio sessions in the coming months?

Why not bank some sessions now and you will avail of some great discounts so you can continue to do all the things you love doing….. WITHOUT pain, aches or stiffness getting in the way

We have 2 options below – Silver or Gold

Choose which one will work for you

*Valid until June 2020

Silver – Buy 3 Physio Sessions But Only Pay for 2 and 1/2

Only €162.50 (Saving You €32.50)

Buy Now

Gold –  Buy 5 Sessions But Only Pay For 4

ONLY  €260 (Saving You €65)

Pay half Now- Half later Buy in full Now

Offer 3 – Vouchers & Christmas Gift Ideas 


ONLY  €67.50

These can work perfect as a Christmas gift option.

Save 25% when you buy with 2 x 30 minute massage treatments.
Perfect for anyone who is struggling with muscle aches and tension?

*Valid until April 2020

Offer 4 – Massage Bonus Pack

Buy 4 x 30 Minute Massages – Get 1 Free

ONLY  €180 (Saving You €45)

If you love your deep tissue massages why not buy them now and spread them out over the coming months.

You can schedule 1 a month for the next 6 months to have you feeling energized and moving great.

*Valid until June 2020

Offer 5 – New Year, New Back

6 SESSION BACK PAIN PACKAGE (Plus Initial Assessment)

Save €110

For those who have been struggling with back pain for months or even years.

If you are fed up with living with back pain and would like 2020 to be the year where you get back to living the life you want without back pain, then this is a great package for you.

You get a full assessment and a step by step plan to help get you back to living life without back pain.

*Valid until April 2020.

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Offer 6 – Return To The Gym, Without Injury


Save €100

Including a Full Assessment and a 4 session plan of Care

We see it all the time. New Years Resolutions, full of enthusiasm, hitting the gym hard and ending up injured by the end of January

Our Injury Prevention Program will help ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

We do a full assessment to see where imbalances and poor movements could potentially lead to an injury and build a plan to protect your body from injury occurring.

This plan will include treatment (if needed), and specific exercises with videos of all your rehab exercises sent straight to your email after each session.

Valid until June 2020


Click here to Enquire about the return to gym safely package