Finding That True Stressor

In part 3 of this video series on slipped discs, I talk about why it is so important to understand the persons story behind their slipped disc problem.

As I have said in the first two videos “what is a slipped disc” and “what causes a lipped disc”, a slipped disc by itself is not enough to cause pain. People who have no back pain can show up on a MRI to have a lot of wear and tear in their back and have been shown to have slipped disc’s, but yet not pain.

So if we think of the slipped disc as the kindling for a fire, then there needs to be a spark to set it off. Often this spark can be found by understanding the persons story and finding out what experiences, stresses and injuries they have been through recently, but also in the months and years previous to that.

We then combine the persons history with a movement assessment and this will give us a really good idea of why their disc is getting irritated and leading to pain.

So to recap on what we have covered so far, slipped discs are common and can be a normal part of aging, they can heal themselves if in the right environment to heal. They often become problematic when there are inefficient movement habits present where the person is moving or lifting in such a way that puts a lot of pressure through their back.

To get a long lasting relief and a long lasting solution to disc pain we need to understand the persons story and history as it will be unique to them.

Be sure to check part 1 and part 2 of this video series to recap on this.

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