Can My Knee Pain Be Helped, Even If I Have Arthritis?

This is a common question that I get asked in the clinic. “Can my knee pain be helped, even though I have been told that I have arthritis in my knees?”

In short the answer is yes but as always with the human body, it depends on a number of factors.

Before I look at these factors and what can be done to help, let’s first talk about what arthritis of the knee actually means. 

What does arthritis of the knee mean?

There are many forms of arthritis with the most common been osteoarthritis and this is what I will be be referring to in this article. 

It is very common for osteoarthritis to occur from middle aged onwards and it is basically where the protective cartilage on the bones of the knee wear away and it results in bone rubbing off bone. 

Symptoms usually occur slowly and overtime and it can start off with just a general ache every now and again which feels like it is under the knee cap. 

This can then result into more frequent pain especially after periods where you are siting down for a while watching your favorite program on TV or after a long car journey. 

However, if you have been told that you have arthritis in your knee’s this does not mean that you are doomed to a life of knee pain. 

There are a lot of things that influence pain and tissue damage is just an ingredient in the pain recipe.

This is good news because while we, as therapists, can’t physically change and repair the wear and tear to the surface of the bone we can change some of the other factors that will be influencing the knee pain

Lets have a look at one big way that we can help this in the clinic. 

How you move can affect your knee pain.

Your knee joint as we know, is in the middle of the ankle joint below and the hip joint above. What  happens above and below your knee has a huge effect on your knee and often the poor knee joint can often be the one who suffers as a result of imbalances from above and below. 

These imbalances can occur overtime as a result of previous injuries, repetitive movements, lifestyle stressors or they can often just occur for no particular reason.

When someone comes into the clinic with knee pain, I will always listen to their story of how their pain came about and then look at how they move as there may be an ‘inefficient movement habit’ that is putting extra pressure through the knee. 

A common ‘inefficient movement habit’ that I see in people who have knee pain is where they use their quad muscles at the front of the knee excessively, which puts extra pressure through the knee cap and joint.

If someone has some arthritis in their knee, then this inefficient way of moving can be enough to result in them feeling a lot of pain and discomfort after activity or movement. 

This imbalance can be helped with some hands on treatment and specific exercises to reduce the pain and restore a good balance in the muscles around the knee.

At Midlands Physical Therapy we use a step by step plan with everyone to bring them through 6 key steps in their road to recovery.

Returning to an active and mobile life

When you are suffering with knee pain often the last thing you will want to do is to exercise. 

But there is plenty of evidence out there to say that exercise is very good for people who have arthritis of their knees. 

This is where some help is often needed to get people to a stage where they can exercise comfortably without pain.

By reducing the sensitivity in sore tired muscles, strengthen the weaker muscles and give you body back some good movement habits you can return to a mobile and active life with been stiff and sore.

If you have suffered with knee pain for some time and are unsure if physio is the right option of you then we can help.  

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