At Midlands Physical Therapy I feel so passionate about helping people on a daily basis, that I have come up with this unique service.

What Is A Discovery Visit?

A discovery visit is for anyone who is still on the fence about Physical Therapy and knowing if I can truly help them with their pain. In this 30 minute 100% FREE session, I will listen to your story, take a look at the movements and do a specif assessment to let you know what is the True Stressor and cause of your problem. 

Not only that.

I let then let you know what can be done to get you back to your ideal outcome and what the the best plan of treatment would be to get you there. .

Who Is It Suitable For?

Discovery Visits are not for everyone and I don’t just give them out to everyone. That is why I only allow 7 of them each week. They are suitable for

  • Someone who has never had any physical therapy or physio treatment before and are very nervous about going for treatment.
  • Someone who may be skeptical if a physical therapy treatment can fix THEIR pain
  • Someone who has been let down by a medical professional before and are nervous and unsure about going to see someone again.
  • Someone who has no idea why they are in pain and who the best person is to help them with their pain.

If any of these points mean something to you, then it’s sounds like a discovery visit would be perfect for you to regain control of your body and get back to the life you want to live. 

If you would like to know more about what I can do for you at Midlands Physical Therapy, then fill in the details below, click ‘book consultation’ and I will give you a call back to arrange a suitable time. Alternatively, you can call me directly on the clinic on 089 210 2586

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