Do You Just Treat Sports Injuries?

One of the most common questions I get asked by people inquiring about treatments is ‘do you just treat sporting injuries?”

The answer is no.

I treat non-sporting injuries as well as sporting injuries. In fact, if I was to look at the majority of people who come to see me then I would say that I probably treat more non-sporting injuries than sport injuries! A lot of the people I see are aged 35 +, have been in pain for some time and often have tried a lot of other treatments before they come and see me.  These treatments can range from taking painkillers, to muscle rubs, to going to the doctor or going to see another therapist.

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The injuries I see very also. They can range from people who have suffered with back pain for years and find that they now can’t drive for too long without their back getting very sore or those who have done a days gardening and woken up the next day and struggle to get out of bed.

I work off the same principles with each person I see.

I Find out why they are experiencing pain.

I Find the true stressors of the problem.

I Look to address those stressors by using hands – on therapy or specific exercises.

Then I get the person moving well again so the movements stick.

Finally I help the person build robustness so that they can go about their everyday activities and exercise, without the problem returning.

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So, whether you’ve hurt yourself playing sport, washing the windows of your house, playing with your kids or just just find yourself waking up stiff or sore, you can benefit from the treatment I offer at my clinic.  I look at the person walking into the clinic and listen to their story and then devise the best treatment plan to suit their needs.

If you find that you are missing out on 5 a side soccer with the lads, or walking the dog every evening, or kicking a ball around with your kids then you are indeed a good candidate for physical therapy.

I offer weekly free consultations called Discovery Visits. There are only 5 available each week so you need to book early to get a slot. If you wish to book then call the clinic on 089 210 2586 or fill out you details here and I’ll give you a call back.

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