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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear?

You should wear some clothes that are loose fitting and easy to move in. If your problem is from the hip down, a pair of shorts would be ideal. If you have a shoulder problem, a sports top or vest would be ideal so that your therapist can see the shoulder joint. If you don’t own any shorts don’t worry, we always keep a couple of spares in the clinic!

What To Expect When I Arrive

When you arrive you can make your way up the stairs to the waiting area, where you be greeted by whoever is on the desk (Rachel or Derek) and you will be offered a drink of water or coffee (if you wish). You can then fill out a new patient form, so we can got some personal and medical details.  Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes early so you can enjoy your drink and feel comfortable before you assessment.

How Will I Feel After My Session?

Usually you will feel absolutely fine, and have better tools to manage your pain from the get go! Occasionally, you may feel a little sore if there is hands on treatment done on muscles that are a source of the problem. However, this nearly always settles down within 48 hours and there is not need to panic.

How Long Will The Session Last:

We have two choices for out Initial assessment and you are free to suit the option that suits you best. There is the choice of a Silver Assessment that lasts 30 minutes and a Gold Assessment which last 60 minutes.

Depending on what you want and what you need will dictate which one is best suited to you and this will have been fully explained to you over the phone. If you are unsure just give us a call before your appointment to discuss it further.

How To Get To Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic:

We’re located on the Main Street in Moate Co.Westmeath. We are directly opposite the Community school and directly beside the Credit Union.

Is There Free Parking

Yes, there is plenty of space to park outside the clinic or across the road. It can be very busy at 4pm and 6pm during school days when the children get out school so sometimes you may have to park a little bit up the street, but otherwise it is usually fine

Click on The Videos Below To Hear Their Stories

Aoife Mullally (Low back pain)

“I attended Derek’s clinic suffering with extremely bad reoccurring back pain, it was so painful that I couldn’t stand straight and it was affecting every part of my daily life. I had previously attended a chiropractor which resolved the issue at the time but did not focus on solving the problem long term which Derek did. I completed my 6 week treatment plan last week and I am feeling fantastic. Derek also gave me exercises to continue with which he forwarded to me through online videos which are extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Derek to anyone suffering with any type of back pain. He is so professional and helpful”

Enda Murray (Foot and ankle pain)

“Excellent treatment provided in a relaxed environment. I went to Derek with foot and ankle trouble 2 weeks prior to a half marathon. In a few sessionsderek had found the issue, treated the injury and provided easy strength and conditiuoning exercises to incorporate in my training. I completed the half marathon without any issues. Thanks for your help” Enda