A Special Webpage We Have Created only For Friends & Family Of Clients Of Midlands Physio 

If you know of someone who is in pain or struggling to do their everyday things  as they would like to, then why not give them a helping hand by sending them the link to this webpage. 

It contains practical advice that might just help them move, sleep, sit or get through work more comfortably and it might make their day a whole lot easier. 

“Here Is What Any Client Of Midlands Physical Therapy Can Do To Help A Friend (Or Family Member) Get Rid Of Their Aches Or Pain Or, With Little Effort And No Money Needed”

What To do Next

Simply Email This Web-Page To Them… And Ask Him Or Her To Look Below At All Of The Different “Tips” Sheets  And Choose The One Which Is Closest To Where It Hurts Most…

Back Pain

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Knee Pain

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Running Injuries

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More About the Person You’ll be Helped By:

Derek Stenson is a physical therapist and founder of Midlands Physical Therapy who specializes in helping people in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s who want to live Active and Heathy lives, Free from Pain and Stiffness.

Derek’s career originally started off in tennis coaching and then progressed to physical therapy and helping people with sport injuries. His passion now lies in helping people aged 35 + who love to keep active and want to be mobile, active and live healthy lives into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s.

His clinic is based in Moate, Co.Westmeath and he helps people from all around the Midlands area who are missing out on doing the things they love to do, because of pain or injury.