Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries are a common injury that I see on a weekly basis but it is also one of the most misdiagnosed injuries.

When people come in to me saying that they have a tear in their hamstring more often than not, it is not a true tear. In fact, It is very common for people to feel tightness, pain, and aching in the back of your leg. 

There are a few reasons for this that may not be related to a true tear in your muscle and at Midlands Physical Therapy we will be able to find this out and diagnose the true reason why you have that ache or discomfort in your hamstring. 

The people I see with hamstring pain or ‘tightness’ vary from footballers in their 20’s to female runners in their 40’s and men in their 50’s who like to keep up their fitness by playing 5 a side a side soccer once a week. It’s also  common for people who have to drive a lot to suffer with their hamstrings as the sciatic nerve is a large nerve that runs down the back of your leg. This can get irritated by the and create of pain and tightness in the muscle.

Will stretching work?

It is quite common for people to very focused on stretching their hamstrings a lot, but what is very important that you have a good optimal length in your hamstring and that their is some tension there. Otherwise too much stretching and length  can lead to TOO much mobility in your hamstrings which can have an affect on back pain and knee pain.

Watch this video to learn more.

What can you do if you have hamstring pain?

It is important to get an hamstring injury looked at by a physical therapist or a physiotherapist. If it is an acute injury, the it will need some rest initially, but it can be loaded quite quickly under correct instruction from you therapist. If you have been suffering from hamstring pain for some time, then it will not go away by itself and there is more than likely an underlying reason why your hamstring is getting irriatted. 

Get you hamstring pain looked at, sooner rather than later

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