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Discover How To Boost Your Health And Immunity From The Comfort Of Your Own Home In Just 7 Days

Boost Your Health And Feel Great Through Covid 19 And Beyond

In This Exclusive Free 7 Day Challenge We Reveal

  • How your breathing can be affecting your energy levels and how you can help it

  • How you can improve your mood and focus to allow you be more productive with your day

  • A simple daily movement routine to have you feeling energised

  • Key advice and tips that address the 4 key pillars in good health and immunity

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Dear Midlands Resident,

What difference could it make to your health if you slept better at night, were more active during the day, didn’t let stress get the better of you and were able to add one or more more key elements to your diet?

Does this sounds good?

It is very achievable with some help and guidance.

When you sign up to this programme, which is currently free, you will receive 7 days of emails from Derek Stenson of Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic that will show how you can feel great and boost your health and immunity from the comfort of your own home.

Each day for 7 days you will be given simple expert advice that will address the 4 key pillars involved in good health and immunity…….. which are;

  1. Movement
  2. Sleep
  3. Stress Management
  4. Nutrition

This advice can help you move better, sleep better, feel better, and overall live the life that you want to live.

In this 7 day challenge you will learn

  • Key tips that will help you move better at home throughout the day
  • How to regain control of your breathing to help you sleep and manage stress better
  • An easy 15 minute exercise routine to help you feel energised for the day
  • Some simple techniques that allows you to get a good nights sleep and wake up with more energy
  • Nutrition advice that is easy and practical to follow.
  • How to work on your health and immunity so you can come out of theĀ  Covid 19 situation even stronger
  • And much more
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Derek Stenson physio

Meet Your Physio and coach for the programme
Derek Stenson

Clinic Owner And Physio Director

We are in this together and I am happy to help.

The Covid 19 situation has been a scary experience for everyone. It has brought a lot of worry, fear and stress to people. Health and immunity is going to be more important than ever in the months ahead as we face into somewhat unknown circumstances.

If you would like to strengthen and improve your health so that you can return to living a life that is not dictated by pain, stiffness, poor energy, poor mood, colds and illness, then there is plenty that you can do now to help.

This programme is a great place to start to give you a good foundation to the 4 vital pillars of good health and immunity.

I will reveal exercises and tips that I use in the clinic to successfully help people overcome chronic pain and transform their lives. These exercises and tips are designed to start bulletproofing your health by helping you

  • Have more energy that lasts longer throughout the day
  • Reduce you chance of having to rely on medication
  • Improve your mood and focus
  • Give you a better chance to live an active, fun life well into your 60’s and 70’s.

Often people want to do things to improve their health and immune system but sometimes they don’t know where to start.

This free online programme will give you a plan and the tools to show you where to start and may just well be the transformation that you are looking for.

We can look at all the negatives of the Covid 19 virus and get very down about it or we can use this opportunity to give ourselves the kick in the backside that we may have needed.

There is no trick or gimmicks involved. We will provide you with the right information, advice, motivation and guidance to help you make a change.

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About Derek Stenson

Derek Stenson is the physio director and clinic owner of Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic. He has been helping people from all around the midlands live a more active and healthy life by allowing them to get back to doing the things they love to do, without pain getting in the way.

He has also worked as a professional tennis coach for over 10 years and uses his exercise knowledge and coaching skills when coaching people back to healthier and more active lives.

He uses a step by step system, learned from the English rugby physio Dave O Sullivan, which gets to the route cause of the pain and ensuring lasting results rather than short term pain relief.

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