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Dear Midlands Resident,

Are you struggling to do some of the basic everyday tasks that you once took for granted?

Do you find that your pain is affecting your mood and preventing you from enjoying life the way you want to?

Are you waking up sore and stiff in the morning and find that it takes a long time to ‘get going’? 

Or are you struggling to exercise because you are in pain and are worried that exercise will make it even worse?

If this sounds familiar to you then ask yourself

“Do I have to put up with this?

What difference would it make to my life if this could change?”

What would it feel like to bend down and pick up my kids or grandkids without worrying about my back going?

What would it be like to spend a day in the garden and not pay for it the next week?

How different would my mood and focus be if I could sit comfortably at work without that nagging pain in my back? 

How much better would I feel if I had less pain and I could exercise more?

Female patient gardening after physiotherapy

Whether You Are Looking For Quick Pain Relief Or A Longer Lasting Change We Can Help

If the answer is yes, then let me tell how we have helped well over 1000 people in the Athlone, Moate and surrounding areas of the midlands who are just like you. 

Some of those were just looking for some fast pain relief to help them get back to work or sport quickly,

Others had been suffering with pain for a long time, were fed up with taking painkillers and injections and had not gotten lasting relief from massage or other treatments. 

And others had just their health and fitness slip until something triggered a change and they realised that their health needed to be the most important thing to them,

If this sounds like you, then we can help.

We do this in a way that looks at the whole body and not just the painful area. By addressing the reasons behind the pain we can help you get pain relief that actually lasts.

We use a step by step system similar to that used in professional sport that is designed to help you safely back to where to need to be while greatly reducing the chances of the problem returning. 

How We Can Help You Get Pain Relief That Lasts

  1. By using hands on treatment to help quickly relieve your pain
  2. By looking at the whole body and finding the true cause of the problem
  3. By using a step by step system similar to that used in professional sport that is designed to help you recover quickly and prevent the problem returning. 
  4. By sending you videos of your exercises immediately after your session so you can be sure you are doing them correctly.
  5. By having late evening, Saturday morning and online appointments to ensure you are making progress.
  6. By designing a specific plan for you that fits into your lifestyle
  7. By achieving great success with many other people with similar complaints in the midlands area. Read our google reviews below
Pain Relief and Lasting change

Read How We Have Helped Our Patients

“I went to Derek with back pain that I had for a while but it was progressively getting worse I couldn’t do normal everyday things. The day of my first appointment I struggled to drive my car to appointment and walk up the stairs. Derek did a lot of work on my right side and I drove home no problem with minimal pain ,and since then I can see an improvement everyday. He’s very professional and he knows his stuff. Best decision I’ve made. Highly recommend Derek for any problems you may have”

Avril Guinan

“Derek is gifted, I’ve gone to loads of different physio which left me in more pain than usual, Derek’s approach with taking small steps resulted in major changes in my life. He goes over and above to help you and is interested in you and how best to help you to suit your life. if you want someone to listen to your story, analyze it and show you the roadmap to getting better, I would highly recommend Midlands Physio”

Linda White

I would like to highly recommend Midlands Physio to anybody that has any issues with muscle pain. I hobbled into the clinic and after treatment walked out. Over an 8 week period they have worked wonder’s with my problem leg.Extremely professional and knowledgeable”

Robert Dickinson

“I would like to thank Derek, from assessment to completion, he was fully engaged with each exercise, and motivation behind it, clearly explained. He proposed a step by step recovery plan with measurable goals, provided recorded exercises for between sessions and followed up each week to ensure everything was on track. I really felt he was committed to getting me back to 100% and I had full confidence in his plan which helped me recover well within schedule. Overall an excellent and highly recommended service.”

Pamela Murphy

I went to the clinic as I was in a lot of pain and this was negatively impact on my day to day activities. From the beginning, Derek made me feel very comfortable. He asked several questions to determine the best course of action to suit me and put a plan in place. A few sessions later, I am pain free and have an arsenal of stretches and movements to prevent a recurrence.”

Sandra Walsh Maher
“Derek was very attentive when I described my issue. His assessment made total sense when explained to me and the following treatment resolved my lower back issue (as long as I keep up my exercises). The videos of the exercises were a great help as you often question yourself as to whether you’re doing them correctly at home. Would highly recommend him.”
David Meade

“I would and have recommended Derek to anybody as I had suffered severe back pain from an accident. I always had worn a back support and not very confident in lifting without it. I was always in constant pain but put up with it . Derek worked with me and after a a few sessions i noticed a difference as I’m not in constant pain and now I don’t need the back support and feel more confident in lifting and moving around”

Alan Barr

Step 1: Understand Your Problem

We want to understand what has caused your problem to occur and how it is affecting your life. This involves a consultation and assessment with a physio.

Step 2: – Explain Your Step by Step Solution

We then explain to you what needs to be done to get you back to doing the everyday things you need to do without pain.  We design a step by step plan that will allow you to work, play or do your household tasks with confidence, comfort and greater ease. 

Step 3: – Help You Move More Easily

We use a combination of hands on treatment, specific movements, breathing and relaxation techniques to help reduce your pain, undo any unnecessary tension and get you moving more easily

Step 4: – Build Stability and Strong Foundations

Once you are moving more easily we need to build strong foundations to help prevent the pain returning. Here we practice key exercises and movements that are needed to ensure you will be able to move with comfort, ease and energy. 

Step 5: – Establish Confidence and Control 

This is where we reinforce positive movements and practices so that they become habit. This will allow you to go about you everyday activities or return to exercise or sport with confidence and without worrying about pain or restriction

Step 6:  Strength and Resilience for Long Lasting Change

This is the icing on the cake where we ensure your hard work does not come undone.  We want you to have the strength and resilience to tolerate the challenges that you face in your everyday life, exercise, or sport. These last two steps are vital in ensuring lasting change. 

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