Find Out How You Can Live With No Hip Pain And                                                                                         Get Back To Activity And Exercise Without Pain, Aches or Discomfort

I have helped a lot of people around Westmeath with hip pain. Here are some of the questions I have been asked?

Why does my hip feel fine one day and feel so sore the next?

Don’t worry, this is common and is one of the things that you learn about pain when you attend treatments at Midlands Physical Therapy. You see pain does not always mean damage to a muscle or tissue and can be brought on by a number of factors including stress, sleep, movement habits, thoughts, previous injuries and what happened when you may have had the same pain before.

All of these can be a factor in you feeling great one day, and then have your hip feel like its on fire the next.

I haven’t injured my hip. Why is painful to move it?

This is why I don’t just focus on the ‘sore spot’ when people come to see me. Often the ‘sore spot’ is just reacting to a lack of strength or movement somewhere else.

Every time you walk, there needs to be a good transfer of forces from your foot up to your hip and if this link is not efficiently working, then some parts of the body are going to start doing more work than they should be.

I always aim to find the true stressor that is causing your hip to react this way and be painful.

Will Stretching more get rid of my hip pain?

In the majority of cases, stretching may give short term relief but it will not stop your hip pain  from  coming back. Muscles can get ‘short and tight’ but they can also get ‘long and tight’ so stretching, in this case, will just be adding to the problem.

That is why it is so important to get assessed and treated as an individual and to find out what is causing YOUR pain and what needs to be done to reduce and get rid of YOUR pain.

I Am Worried About Now Developing Hip ‘Osteoarthritis’ Or Needing A Hip Replacement

Many of my patients that I successfully help with hip pain come in, initially very concerned about their future health. Some have even been diagnosed with ‘osteoarthritis’. Some even have scan reports that show ‘wear and tear’ and were told they may need a hip replacement. The first thing I will do after I assess someone is re-assure them based on my findings. I then go about helping them change their symptoms very quickly and effectively using my expert hands on treatment.

From here I then show them how to gain ‘thoughtless, fearless movement’ using a very specific plan for their exact needs. The result is usually returning to their life without letting their hip stop them from doing the things they love and need to do..

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