How can we Prevent Injuries

Ensuring that you do not get injured can be  hard to guarantee against but the are a number of things that we can to lower your risk of getting injured in a non contact situation.

From the person/ athletes perspective, their are a few  things that they can monitor

  1. 1) That they gradually build up the amount of time they spend training and don’t have any sharp increases from one week to the next. This allows their tissues (muscles,  ligaments, tendons, fascia) time to adjust and develop, according the demands of their activity.

2) Ensure that they are preforming their movements with good technique. A good way to do this is to start off slowly and learn the skill well first at a slow speed, before speeding it up.  This will help you ‘groove’ the correct pattern into your body and help you perform it efficiently.

3) Ensure you maintain good technique even when fatigued. Most non contact injured happen when the person is fatigued and poor technique can be a factor in this. Its depends on your sport or exercise but ensure you practice keeping good technique when you are getting tired. If you are exhausted and your technique is slipping then stop, and save it for another day.

4) Ensure you are getting enough sleep. The more you train the more sleep becomes an important factor to ensure your body is able to recover efficiently for the next training session. Check on my other post to read more about restorative sleep.

5) Eat and hydrate well. There is plenty of information out there on nutrition and hydration and its quite obvious that if you are putting extra demands on your body then you need to be ensure you are feeding it well, so it can meet those demands. Tissue hydration leads to adhesions, trigger points and PAIN .

From my own position as a physical therapist I’m looking to ensure that my patient or athlete can display three main things. 

1 ) That they have FULL RANGE OF MOTION in every joint

2) That they have the ability to access and use that full range of movement when they need it

3) That their tissues (muscles,  ligaments, tendons, fascia) can slide in every direction and provide adequate tension. This will ensure that there is a good output from the tissue and the correct forces can be given without any pain,strain or limitation to the tissue.

Basically I want to ensure that the persons tissues are all communicating well with each other so they can effectively perform the movements they need to do, without any  hesitation and fear of them getting injured. 

Can you do this yourself…………….

Unfortunately not – If you could then the rate of people getting injured would be greatly reduced.  You  do need someone who is suitably  qualified to assess you.


At Midlands Physical Therapy I am suitably qualified.

You can get a full assessment to see where you weaknesses are and what areas you need to improve on if you want to move well and reduce your risk of getting injured.

I can do up a specific injury prevention program that is specific to you and your sport or activity and not only will it improve your performance, but it also improve how you feel everyday, at work, at home or playing with your kids.

I look at the finer details like how well your diaphragm can lengthen, which plays a big part in thoracic rotation, the tension in your low back muscles and also in your hamstrings.

This may potentially be the reason why your hamstrings are always feeling tight and no matter how  many sports massages you get, they will still feel tight, and will continue to feel tight unless the true cause is addressed.

So to recap – if you are training for an event or just like to stay active there are a number of things you can do that I have mentioned in the start of this blog.

However, if you find you are still getting niggles, injured and are having to take time off and miss out on your favorite activity, then you more than likely going to  need some help in addressing the true causes that are stressing your body and causing you to get injured.

If you want to find out more about my injury prevention programs then call the clinic on 089 2210 2586 of click this link to fill out a form

Also keep an eye out under the FREE TO MOVE section on my website where I will be putting up lots of free useful information and videos to help you improve your performance and set higher standards at your favorite sport.



























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