How Long Should I Wait Before Getting Physio For My Injury?

A very common thing I hear people saying when they have  picked up an injury is that they are just going to rest it and wait until it gets better.

This used to be the old way of thinking and actually is sometimes still advised by many healthcare practitioners and friends and family.

‘Rest it, wait until the pain calms down and sure then it will be grand’.

This came from the RICE analogy which stood for

R – Rest


C – Compression

E – Elevate

Sometimes a P was thrown in there for ‘Protect’ and then this became PRICE.

However, in recent years, research has shown the benefits of loading the tissue in speeding up healing and recovery time. Now this loading should be done carefully and under guidance, allowing for the pain and severity of the injury.

So the Rice or PRICE analogy has now turned to POLICE which stands for

P – Protect

OL – Optimal Loading


C – Compress

E – ELevate

You may have spotted that the only difference is the OL for Optimal Loading replacing R for REST.

The optimal loading can mean small amounts of movement, weight bearing activity or hands on work to stimulate tissue healing and repair.

So, getting back to the original question ‘how long should I wait before getting physio for my injury?’.

The answer is DON’T WAIT

Seek help and treatment immediately if you are keen and eager to get back to doing the things you love to do, as soon as possible.

By waiting and resting the injury, it will just take longer for you to return to your favorite sport or activity.

Early treatment and management will stimulate tissue growth and repair and get you back there faster.

So play the waiting game if you are fond of your been active and mobile.

Be proactive and get your injury seen to straight away.

Even better still…..

If you are training a lot and want to be even more proactive, you could help prevent injuries happening in the first place by going for a sports massage to help loosen tired and tight tissues.

This can be done by calling the clinic on 089 210 2586 of by contacting us here to ask for advice or to schedule an appointment.

We will be happy to help you out in any way we can.

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