How To Download Zoom For Your Online Appointment

In order to get set up for our online appointments you need to download zoom.

Here are the steps on how to do along with a video guide below.

1 – You Will Receive An Email After Booking

When you book your online appointment you will receive an email form that looks like this:

2 – Click The Link To Set It Up

Click on the link in the picture above and it will bring you a page that will ask you to download and run ZOOM

Click it to download it.

You will then see a box in the bottom left of the screen that will ask you to run it.

Here is a video that shows you how to do it.

3. Join With Computer Audio

It will give you a choice to join the meeting with Computer Audio.You need to click on this. (see below)

4 . Wait For The Meeting To Start.

You physio will not join the call until the time that you had arranged for you appointment.

If you are testing it out before your meeting time it may say wait for the host to start the meeting.  You can simply leave the meeting by clicking out of the screen and returning at the scheduled time and date

5 . Audio And Video Controls

Will will see at the bottom of the screen where it has an option for Audio and Video controls. This allows you to turn your video on and your sound on, which you will need when talking.

These should automatically be turned on when you join the meeting.

Some Helpful Tips For You Call

1 – Good Lighting

Having you call in a well lite room is important.

If possible have a window or light behind you computer and facing you so that the light is facing you. This makes it much clearer and easier for us to see you.

2 – Be Comfortable

Some people are not used to seeing themselves on screen and may find it a little unusual. There is no need for this. Just treat it as a regular appointment and conversation between two people.

If you really want, there is a way to hide your video on your screen so you only see the physio you are talking to.

3 – Space And Clothing

Ideally, try and be in a room by yourself with no disturbances. You won’t need any special equipment but you will enough space to do some simple movements.

For clothing, dress exactly the same as if you were coming into clinic. Comfortable clothing, tracksuit, shorts or T shirt, whatever you feel comfortable in.

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If you have any question before your appointment just give us a call.

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