How To Stop A Mild Back Strain From Becoming A Chronic Back Problem

What Would You Think If I Said That…..

……When you initially hurt your back it is no different to when you hurt another part of your body…….

Let me put it another way.

Is a back sprain the same as an ankle sprain?

Both areas have tissues that contain muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Both areas can get injured by getting overstretched or having too much force applied too quickly.

Yet nobody thinks of a back strain to be the same as an ankle sprain. Ankle sprains are something that can happen easily and frequently and although they hurt and affect your movement for a few days,  you get over it and don’t end up missing days or weeks of work.

Fair enough, back pain can be more debilitating as it can affect you sitting and standing but injury wise, it can start off the very same as an ankle sprain.

Here Is The Big Difference – The Fear Associated With Back Pain

Everyone knows someone who has been badly affected with back pain and it has had a big impact on their life. They may have missed work, not been able to play with their kids for years, had to stop playing sport, may have had a costly and invasive surgery and may have had to leave their job for good.

Nobody wants this and this instills fear into people.

Also the medical profession have not dealt well with back pain in the past and sometimes still do not. They have used words like discs slipping, bulging, discs degenerating and popping and nerves getting pinched and trapped…. Again fear, crap, I’ve hurt my back – whats going to happen to me.

And here is what often happens too. People don’t move when they have back pain because they are afraid of causing further damage. Lack of movement then brings on plenty more problems.

What Can You Do To Not End Up Going Down This Road Of Chronic Back Pain

Here are 3 things you can do if you have hurt you back

1 – Don’t Painic

By reading this blog you are educating yourself and making yourself more knowledgeable.

Thoughts, Fears, Emotions, Worries can all affect the pain you feel and can end up turning a small strain, that will get better by itself in a few days, to a more long term pain that lingers on for weeks.

People who suffer with anxiety can be more prone to suffering with chronic pain for this very reason.

If you are worried about it then go to a suitably qualified physio or physical therapist who knows what their on about to get it checked out and please avoid therapists who use unhelpful words like slipped disc or bulging disc to explain the problem, as they have not educated themselves on what is now best practice for back pain and will not help

2 – Avoid Aggravating Activities Initially But Don’t Stop All Movements

It makes sense, like if you sprain your ankle, to take the weight off it and avoid aggravating activities to allow for initial healing.

But this does you mean to stop all movements and do nothing!


Exercise and movement provides great natural pain relief and its free. So as soon as the main sharp pain subsides get moving again, within reason, and use your judgement on what you can and can’t do.

3 – Don’t let the pain persist for longer than 3 weeks without seeking professional advice.

3 weeks is just a number I’m using but again use your judgement. If the pain is very sharp and not going away after a few days go to your GP or to a therapist you trust to get it checked out. If it’s a mild pain that is improving but has not fully gone away by 3 weeks then get it checked also because chances are, it will return and may linger on for longer.

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To sum up

Hurting your back does not need to be as scary as everyone thinks. Quite often, it is due to an imbalance where certain muscles are working to hard and others not enough and pain can levels can be reduced quite significantly with some a proper explanation on what is after happening, some breathing strategy’s to reduce the sensitivity in the muscles, and  movement strategy’s to get the right muscles working again and get you moving more efficiently.

So many people have struggled with back pain all their life and often this can be avoided if the right interventions are made initially when it happens. Don’t let back pain take over your life. There are ways to reduce your and eliminate your pain and get you moving again that does not involve surgery, needles or injections.

Thanks for reading and get in touch with me if you have and questions.

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