How We Can Help Your Back Pain With An Online Appointment

This blog was inspired by

someone I was talking to last week who was struggling with some back pain and looking for some help. I explained to him that the clinic was closed for ‘face to face’ appointments but that I was still open for online appointments.

I then explained further that they worked similar to a regular ‘in clinic’ appointment except there is no hands on treatment. To this he responded ‘how will that work if your not able to touch my back?’

A very fair and valid point to someone who is used to going for treatment for his back and getting ‘rubbed’, cracked, stretched or twisted to get relief for his long term back problem.

So, this led to a discussion over the phone as to how an online session would still be beneficial for him, even though there would be no ‘hands – on’ treatment.

In this blog I will share the main points of what we spoke as it may well benefit another person who may be in a similar situation of needing help with their back, but are unable to go and see a physio ‘in person’.

Firstly, it’s not all about the back.

Anyone who knows my approach to the body and treating back pain will know that I always look for the true stressor behind someones pain and when there has been no specific contact  injury, the site of pain is rarely the true reason behind the pain.

Especially with back pain, there are so many other factors that can cause back pain apart from injury to the back itself. These can commonly include previous injuries to other joints or muscles, previous life changing traumas, emotional stress, lifestyle stress, beliefs, thoughts and inefficient breathing habits.

These can all result in changing the way that one moves and how one hold them-self, resulting in certain areas not working hard enough and other parts working too much.

Often the structures around the low back can be taking too much load and other muscles above and below the back, not taking enough load.

This can be a very common scenario and even though injuries can occur to the disc and joints in the back, if that person is moving in such a way that puts a lot of pressure through the back, that disc and joint will get much more irritated and sensitive than needed, resulting in pain and restricted movement.

So, the answer is that we need to look at how the other structures are moving above and below the back, most notably the rib-cage and the pelvis and lower body

These imbalances can be picked up with an online assessment

The next thing to know is that these movement imbalances and inefficient ways of moving can be picked up through an online movement assessment. Once we know these inefficiencies we can still build a treatment plan that consists of a graded exposure and progression of movements to help get the stiff areas moving more freely and the weaker areas stronger.

Can all this be done without hands on treatment?

Yes, it sure can.

While hands on treatment can be very beneficial for getting some quick changes, you will still need to do the movement exercises afterwards to make these changes stick.

If these movements and changes in breathing patterns, and some of the other factors I talked about earlier are not made, then the pain will keep coming back…..

No matter how much ‘hands- on’ someone gets.

‘Hands – on’ is the 20%er

With the system of treatment we use here at the clinic it is important to note that ‘hands-on treatment is only a small part of the system.

You could think of it as the 20% of the system while the 80% is the advice , education, strengthening and graded progression of specific exercises that guide the person back to where they need to be……

..and will result in longer lasting changes that reduce the chance of the back pain constantly returning.

If you are suffering with back pain at the the moment and would like to see how an online appointment can help they you can apply for a Free online discovery session.

This will allow you to get assessed by a physio and find out what needs to be done to get rid of your back pain.

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