Here Are Your Challenges For Today

1 – Better Breathing Video 4

Click below to watch today’s breathing video

2 – Movement Challenge

We have a few new movement today so be sure to try them out slowly first to get used to them before trying the workout.

You will find the movement and workouts below

3. Daily Walk

Go for a 20 minute or up and down the stairs x 10 times ( if you can’t get out)

Important :If you are out for a walk, silence your phone or leave it behind if you can. Use this walk to be in the present and forget about everything else

4 . Sleeping Routine

I have three task for you to complete today for your sleep pillar

1. First task is to read this short blog on why you may struggle to get a good nights sleep.

Click here to read

Add in these two things to do before bed

 Sleep Challenge 1

Turn off you TV, phone, tablet or laptop 30 minutes before bed. Do not look at your texts, pictures, Facebook, news or google. You get the idea.

We want to avoid any device that emits blue light which is not great before bed, as you will read in todays’ blog on sleep.

This can make a big difference to your sleep by calming your mind before bed.

Sleep Challenge 2

Practice 5 minutes or relaxed nasal breathing in a quiet area before bed.

Focus on your breath only. Focus on the air coming in through your nose and out through your nose.

Aim to keep your breathing quiet and calm.

This will also help calm your body and mind to help and increase your chances of having a full restorative sleep.

Here are today’s movements ­čĹç

5 Minute Warm Up

10 Minute Work Out

 Here are The Movements For The Workout

1 – Squat

2 – Modified Plank

3 – Split Squat

4 – Dead Bug

5 -Tricep Dip

Let me know how you found today’s challenge in the Private Facebook Group┬á

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