Here Are Your Challenges For Today

1 – Better Breathing Video 5

Click below to watch today’s breathing video

2 – Movement Challenge

Depending on how you are feeling and your fitness levels do

Level A – 5 minute warm up followed by 10 minute workout

Level B – 5 minute warm up and 5 minutes of the workout

3. Daily Exercise

Go for a 20 minute or up and down the stairs x 10 times ( if you can’t get out)

Important :If you are out for a walk, silence your phone or leave it behind if you can. Use this walk to be in the present and forget about everything else

4. Sleep Advice

Scroll to the bottom of the page for 7 tips on how to get a better nights sleep 👇

Here are the movements for the Movement Challenge 👇

5 Minute Warm Up

10 Minute Workout

Or If You Prefer To Do It By Yourself Here Are The Individual Movements

1 – Squat

2 – Press Up

3 – Lunge

4 – Tricep Dip

5 – Glutes Bridge

7 Tips To Help You Get a Great Nights Sleep

Click here to read

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