What To Expect From Your Initial Assessment

We Are Delighted You Have Booked An Appointment With Us.

Here is are a few things to know before your first appointment

What Happens During the Initial Assessment? 

Th main goal of the initial assessment is for the physio to get a clear understand of your story and the problem you are have, so that they can give you the most realistic and best solution to your outcome. Your physio will ask some key questions to help build a picture of what is happening. They will then piece this together with the findings from your movement assessment to come up with a plan that will show you how to get to your ideal destination safely and in the shortest time possible. 

Initial assessments can vary from person to person and we will give you the option on what you prefer. For example, if you are in a lot of pain and need to get moving more easily for work or to allow you to get a better nights sleep, then we will focus more on the treatment aspect. Or maybe you have been trying to find an answer to your pain for years, have tried lots of different treatments but have failed to find a lasting solution. In this case, spending more time uncovering the reason behind the pain and building a structured roadmap might be more beneficial to you

What To Expect When You Arrive

There is plenty of free parking available outside and across the road. When you arrive, you can walk past the bakers shop, through the grey door, and make your way up the stairs and turn right, down to the waiting area. There you will be be greeted by Emma, our friendly receptionist, who will make you feel comfortable, offer you a drink and will put you at ease before your appointment. Hopefully you will filled out a new patient form online, if not you can do so then by clicking here.  

What Should I Wear?

You should wear some clothes that are loose fitting and easy to move in. If your problem is from the hip down, a pair of shorts would be ideal. If you have a shoulder problem, a sports top or vest would be ideal so that your therapist can see the shoulder joint and do some hands on treatment if needed. If you don’t bring any shorts then don’t worry, we can always work through the clothes.

How Long Will The Session Last:

We allow 45 minutes for an initial assessment and then once we have a plan in place, follow up treatments will usually last 30 minutes. This applies to both in clinic, face to face appointments and online sessions. 

Athlone physiotherapy explaining treatments

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The answer to this depends on a couple of things. 

  1. What you want? Is it just some short term pain relief you are after or are you fed up with that, and want to get lasting change, where you can move with confidence, free of restriction and take back control of your health.
  2. How long you have had the problem?
  3. How bad it has got?
  4. Your fitness levels, age, and previous injuries you have had.
  5. Your ideal outcome and you want to get back to doing.

How Much And Can I Pay By Card? 

The fee for your Initial Assessment is 65 euro. We do have a card machine so this can be paid by cash or card. 

For follow up sessions, we have a couple of different options for you in which you can prepay for the following session or buy a number of session in bulk. Both of which can reduce the price considerably. 

We also have the option of payments plans where by if cash flow is a currently an issue for you, you can still for a package and  spread out the payments over a number of months. This insures that you still get the treatment you need, while not greatly upsetting your budget.

What Happens If I Can’t Attend A Session?

That is no problem we have two easy options available.

  1. We can offer you an online session which you can do from work or at home. These are a great way of ensuring you keep making progress.
  2. We will offer you the next available appointment time

Please note however, that your treatments will follow a structured plan that works best when you attend the sessions within a certain timeframe. If you can’t attend your appointments, you will not make the progress you are looking for. We understand it is difficult with Covid 19, but our online a great way to keep progressing through your plan without having to step outside your door.

Good Health Is A Journey, Not A Sprint

Getting lasting relief from pain can take time

We have helped over one thousand people in the midlands area be successful in getting lasting relief from pain and achieving their outcome. To it right, it can take some time and you need to trust the plan and process. Stick to the exercises and advice you are given after your session until your next session. If you do this, then there is very high chance that you will make progress between sessions. We can then progress you further and bring you another step in your plan.

The biggest mistake people make, is to skip steps.

We see it time and time again. Patients feel great after a treatment and decide to go running again or spend 2 hours in the garden…….. except their bodies are not ready for that level of exposure yet. Follow the plan and we will help you get to your destination safely, and in the shortest time possible.

If You Have Any Further Questions, Please Get in Touch

Otherwise, we will see you soon