Is Too Much Exercise Bad For My Knees?

Not too long ago I had a man come in to me with knee pain and he said that “he had to give up walking because it hurt his knees”.

He also said that he read that “too much walking may be bad for his knees”

So, his naturally asked me “Do you think walking is bad for your knee’s?”

I replied by asking him if his knee pain  had improved since he had stopped walking?.

He laughed and said that he “wouldn’t be here if it had.”

But joking aside, this is a common thing that I hear people say. They have to give up exercising because it was causing too much knee pain. 

Now, often they will have tried other things first like painkillers, anti-inflammatories, rest or exercises from Youtube, which may help for a while, only for the pain to return when they go back to doing anything slightly active. 

“So, is too much exercise bad for my knees?”

In short, no.

If you have knee pain then exercise may aggravate and may cause pain, but the exercise is not the cause of the pain. 

There is something there already that is causing your knee pain in the first place ………. in other words the true cause or stressor. 

Often this true stressor will be causing certain muscles around your knee to be working harder than they should, as a result of other muscles not working as effectively as they should.

This can irritate structures around the knee and result in knee pain.

A common reason for this imbalance in muscles can be old injuries or niggles. 

If the true reason as to why these muscles are working too hard is addressed, then the pain will often go away. 

Progressive loading to ensure a return to pain-free exercise

Once the pain is gone, then the knee be progressively loaded to ensure that the person can return to exercise without any problems. 

At Midlands Physical Therapy this happens as part of a step by step system to ensure we get good results at the end. 

It doesn’t happen in just one session. To get long lasting results, changes have to be made that require some work in terms of hands-on treatment, exercise and return to specific movements needed for walking or running, for example.

If these changes are made, it can result in the person having lots of exercise and activity in their lives, well into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. 

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