Why Does My Knee Hurt Going Down The Stairs

I hear this all the time

“My knee really hurts when I go down the stairs”. This is a common complaint that I hear in my clinic. So why does it happen?

Well, like all injuries or painful areas, there is no magic exercise or specific treatment that will solve this. It depends on the persons story and their injury history. However, in a lot of cases the reason it happens is because there is too much pressure been put on the knee when the person is going down the stairs.

What causes the pain?

The quadriceps muscles are a big set of muscles that come down the front of the thigh, cross over the knee cap and attach to the tibia bone, just below the knee.

If someone develops a movement habit, where they overuse and rely on their quadriceps muscles, then this will put excessive pressure on the knee and can cause pain. When you go down a stairs this pressure is greater as there is more weight on the joint.

Movement habits can result from many things including previous injuries, past experiences, stress and training loads. This is where the patients story will be unique to them and will be important in finding out the true cause of the problem.

When you body is put under extra pressure it can tighten up to protect itself and this can also result in developing movement habits.

So, what can be done to help?

Identifying the true cause is the key to really solving the problem. You can do stretches and exercises, which may help for a short while and you can get it rubbed and massaged, which may also help for a short while, but they are all treating the symptoms.

Unless you address the true cause of the problem, then the pain will keep returning. This is why I take time to listen to the patients story and do a thorough assessment so that I can find the true cause of the problem.

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