Why The Knee Is Often Not The Problem, In People Who Have Knee Pain!

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints that bring people aged 35+ to my clinic. But often, even though they will have pain in their knees, their knees are not the actual problem.

How can this be?

If you have suffered or are currently suffering with knee pain you may resonate with a few of the following things:

  • Your knee pain came on without you actually hurt your knees.
  • It hurts you more when you go up or even more so, down a stairs. 
  • You have tried to help it by rubbing an anti-inflammatory gel on it, wearing a knee support or resting it. – All of these may have helped initially, but your knee still get sore when you try to do anything even mildly strenuous.
  • You have gone for a MRI scan and a bit of wear and tear showed up but nothing significant.
  • You have tried to help it by doing exercises like squats and lunges as you were told these will help by a personal trainer or by some guy off Youtube.

Any of these sound familiar?

If they do, then don’t worry as I have heard them all before from knee pain patients.

So, how can your knees hurt even though you may have done nothing to hurt your knees?

To start off, there may be a few reasons for this and this will be down to the persons story of what events led up to them developing knee pain.

Understanding the persons story is the first step in our step by step process. For example was there

  • any previous injuries such as an ankle sprain, calf strain or hamstring strain
  • Was there a sudden increase in activity
  • Was there a new exercise or work position in the last few months

All of these have the potential to change the way your body tolerates force through your leg and can result in the muscles and tissues around your knee having to work harder then they normally would.

This can be a beneficial and strategy after an injury such as an ankle sprain as your body needs to rest and allow pressure to be taken off your ankle. But overtime, it will lead to an inefficient strategy as the muscles around your knee will start to feel the strain.

So how do we find a solution?

At Midlands Physical Therapy I always aim to get long lasting solution to patients problems.

The first step in this involves finding the true cause or stressor of why your knees are getting aggravated in the first place.

Once we find this then we set about undoing some of the inefficient movement habits that will have built up over time and that will be costing you energy and leading to pain and stiffness.

This can be done with some hands-on treatment to areas that are stiff or tight and then getting muscles activated that are not working like they should.

The next steps involve a progression of loading up and exposing your body to different loads, speed  and movements to help ensure that you can do all of your daily tasks, without the problem returning.

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