Is Your Knee Pain Stopping You From Walking?

Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise.

  1.  – It doesn’t require any skill.
  2.  – You can go at your own speed – fast or slow.
  3.  – It time efficient – just step outside and you go for a walk.
  4.  – It’s social – you can walk and catch up on the latest stories
  5.    with your friend.
  6.  – It doesn’t require and great strength or mobility
  7.  – It’s great for clearing your head if you’ve had a tough day

However if you have Knee Pain, then walking can become a big effort and all of a sudden the simplest form of exercise turns into a much harder task.

That was the case with Margaret, a 48 year old lady, who worked hard at her job as an accountant, had young three children and loved to get out for a walk every evening at 7.30pm, sometimes with a friend who would join her on route,  or often, just by herself.

It was the perfect way to clear her head of the all the issues of the day that she had at work and to get in her exercise, as her job involved sitting at a desk all day.

But two months ago he decided to climb Croagh Patrick for a charity event, and on the way down her knee starting paining her. She said it was quite `wet that day (early February) and she really had to take her time on the way down. By the time she got to the bottom her knee was quite sore.

Croagh Patrick – Can be a challenge

She did the right things in icing it and resting it that evening but at work that week she found it aggravated her when she was sitting down

Also, coming down the stairs was not nice and she had to go sideways and carefully step by step.

A friend of her recommended her to buy a knee support and rub Voltoral Gel on it, which she did, but found the support uncomfortable and “didn’t sit well” under her work trousers and the Voltoral Gel didn’t seem to have of an impact.

All of those things were annoying and a little frustrating but she could live with them.

However the real annoyance occurred when she found that her knee started to pain her half way through her evening walk.

When she got home it was worse on the stairs, now both going up and coming down.

This progressed to more discomfort at work and when she got home she found she was not looking forward to her walk as much, as she knew her knee was going to be painful.

It was around two months later when she came across my knee report on Facebook and downloaded it.

Click below on the image if you wish to download

We called her up two days with a follow up call to see if she needed any more advice and we talked for almost 20 minutes about her knee pain. We told her about  the FREE DISCOVERY VISITS that we offer for people who are unsure about why their in pain and not sure who to go an see.

After seeing Margaret for the discovery visit I explained to her how there are many structures around the knee that contain a lot of nerve endings and can get very sensitive to any extra pressure that is placed upon them due to extra tone in certain tissues or an imbalance in the was the knee cap itself moves. (In her case she had a tendon called the ITB tendon that was compressing a bursa that cushions it from rubbing off the bone and this was due to an imbalance in the muscles around her hip, possibly caused by sitting a lot at work)

Margaret  took another two weeks after her discovery visit before deciding that she needed to book a course of treatments to get this right or she may not be able to go for her evening walk anymore……….. and to her, this would be a disaster

It would mean she would not get her daily exercise and she was worried that she may start putting on weight.

It also meant she would not get to clear her head before settling down to relax with her children before bedtime, a time she considered precious.

So she decided to take the recommended 6 week treatment program that I advised, was so happy with the progress that she booked another 2 more visits afterwards, (as she actually needed this in order for her to be able to walk everyday and not have any pain at work) and now she is a busy Mum again, who works hard during the day, eats dinner with her family, goes for her evening walk and spends quality time relaxing with her children before bed……….. all WITHOUT that annoying pain that she had two months previously.

Why did it take her so long to book?

Like a lot of people, she was not sure what a physical therapist could do for her and also she wanted to see would the pain go away by itself!

As in the majority of cases, this does not happen, especially when your knees are involved as quite often there is either something up with your ankles or hips that can lead to knee pain in the first place.

So if you are like Margaret, has knee pain and are not sure what to do to help it then start the process by taking my FREE report on Knee pain and start the process of educating yourself about what is the best way to get rid of it.

Also if you would like to speak to a physical therapist then leave your details in the enquiry form here and one of our physical therapist will call you back.

Is doesn’t cost anything and could be the difference between a busy fulfilling life where you get to do the things you want to do or a life where you have to struggle on through your daily activities in pain.

Get on the road to better living.

Thanks for reading and talk soon.




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