Our Mission & Core Values

Our Mission Statement

To help as many people in the midlands area to feel good and live without pain and restriction, enabling them to protect their health so they can enjoy life to their best.

Our Core Values

1 – Caring 

  • Having an invested interest in seeing our clients achieve their goal
  • Going out of your way to help ensure each client is best looked after 
  • Helping others, when they need help

2 – Respectful

  • Respecting the time and money that clients are investing in coming to see us
  • Being respectful of all clients no matter what story, background, fitness levels, or age they are
  • Being respectful of the privileged position we get to play in helping improve our clients health and lives. 

3 – Positivity/ Fun

  • Coming into work with a spring in your step because you love what you do
  • Leaving any negative issues or family problems outside the clinic
  • Doing what you can to make a real positive difference to every person’s day

4 – Growth

  • Growing professionally and personally each day
  • Growth mindset in overcoming challenges when the going gets tough
  • Constantly learning and updating our skills

5 – Honesty

  • Giving 100% effort when no one else is watching
  • Being upfront and honest with our clients at all times
  • Doing the right things always

We Are Just 1 Phone Call, 1 Email And 1 Message Away

  • Get in touch if you are not sure 

If you are still unsure about your pain, what you should be doing or if physio at our clinic can even help you, please get in touch. We would much rather you asking us, rather than sitting at home confused or worried.  

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