New Year- New Back Program

Are You Fed Up With Your Back Pain?

If you have spent far longer than you’d like to recall, suffering with back pain and you would like to make 2019 the year where you don’t have to put up with back pain, then this special Back Program is for you. 

Maybe you found that in 2018 you were missing out on enjoying your life to it’s fullest because everything you did, had to revolve around minding and watching your back. 

This is not the most enjoyable way to live and more often than not, you do not need to be putting up with this back pain. 

So if you…

  • Are worried that your back pain is not going to go away by itself, no matter how much you have rested it.
  • Have  been told by your GP that “it’s just old age and you just have to accept it”
  • Have tried things like strengthening your core or sucking in your tummy but to no avail
  • Found that your back problem is causing you to miss out on enjoying family occasions, playing with your kids or preventing you from going for long walks on the beach, when you are on holidays with your loved ones?
  • Have tried chiropractors, physio or accupunture but the problem keeps on returning?

If this is happening to you then do not worry as I hear this all the time. Back pain is the most common complaint that I see at Midlands Physical Therapy and we help people who are in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s on a daily basis, even when they have suffered with back pain for years.

It’s so easy to think that back pain, aches or stiffness  will “just go away by itself” or will “sort itself out”….

But more often that not it doesn’t…

..and people can end up suffering with back pain for quite some time before they actually decide to do something about it.

Back pain can have a huge impact on someone’s live. People can end up cutting down on their exercise and activity and very often have to give it up altogether. They can put off playing with their kids or grand-kids as their “back is at them again”. They can even stop socialising, as its too uncomfortable to go out and sit in a different chair for an evening.

Or maybe your back is not stopping you from doing anything, but it may be having an big effect on the way you do those things and causes an ache and  discomfort all the time

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Do any of these things sound familiar to you?

If so, you will be very interested to hear about my New Year Back Program to get 2019 off to a great start. 

The Back Program is a quick way to over your back problem and can get a big reduction in your pain levels, even if you have suffered for years. 

The back program uses a 6 step method to take you from where you are now, to where you would like to get to. 

Where you would like to get to depends on you.

  • It may mean been able to go the gym three times a week.
  • Been able to walk the dog every morning
  • Be able to get back to running again without your back been stiff or sore
  • Be able to play with your kids or grandkids without worrying about your back giving up

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For the rest of January

For the month of January I am offering a saving or 60 euro if you sign up to this back pain program before the end of the month. 

The program will include

  • Identifying the true stressor or cause of your back problem
  • Specific hands on treatment to help ease tired and stiff muscles that may be working too hard and be contributing to your pain.
  • Strengthening and re-activation of weaker muscles that may have gotten lazy and aren’t doing the job that they should be.
  • Specific exercises to gradually load and expose your body to movements that you need to do in everyday life and for you favorite activities.
  • Videos of these exercises send straight to your email so you can watch them at home to ensure you are dong them correctly.
  • A full plan to get you from where you are now, to where you would like to be.

Book Before January 31st To save 60 euro off the Back Program

How the Program works

My program is designed to get you back to doing the things they want to do safely and effectively. 

Most people want to get there quickly also which is why I recommend that you take the recommended plan of care of 2 treatment sessions per week for three weeks. 

Of course, if this is not possible, 1 session per week will be fine also, the results will just not be as quick. 

The program will include an initial 45 minute consultation and assessment where I will find out what you want to achieve and what your back problem is holding you back from doing. 

An assessment will then be carried out to find the true cause or stressor of your back pain. 

Finally I will explain to you what is causing your back pain and give you a explanation and detailed plan of what needs to be done to give you the outcome you need. 

This will all happen during the initial consultation and assessment and the fee for this is 60 euro. 

There after, you can receive a 60 euro discount on the 6 session program by asking for the NEW YEAR / NEW BACK PROGRAM and the total cost of the 6 session program will be at reduced cost of 300 euro.

We have three payment methods for this.

1 – You can pay the total fee upfront to receive a further 5% discount paid upfront. 

2 – Your can pay 60 euro each session 

3 – You can spread the payment over 3 months by signing up to a direct payment. 

You can decide which works best for you after the initial assessment.

Get 2019 off to a great start

If you found that your back pain was holding you back in 2018, then why will be any different in 2019 if you don’t do anything about it.

Things rarely change if nothing is done and back pain is no different.

Sure, some days you may feel better than others, but what normally happens is you might feel good and go to do something active or mildly strenuous and then your back problem returns…..

…And you end up back at square one or sometimes worse off.

If this sounds like you then you need to take some action and by doing so now, you can save some money….

60 euro infact, 

So, book before January 31st to save 60 euro off this back pain program and get 2019 off to a flying start. 

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Read Below To Hear From Other People Who Have Got Their Live Back On Track After Getting Rid Of Their Back Pain

Aoife Mullally

“I attended Derek’s clinic suffering with extremely bad reoccurring back pain, it was so painful that I couldn’t stand straight and it was affecting every part of my daily life. I had previously attended a chiropractor which resolved the issue at the time but did not focus on solving the problem long term which Derek did. I completed my 6 week treatment plan last week and I am feeling fantastic. Derek also gave me exercises to continue with which he forwarded to me through online videos which are extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Derek to anyone suffering with any type of back pain. He is so professional and helpful.”

Elaine Hoey Costello

“After a few years of enduring back pain that was becoming a constant in my life I decided to do something about it. I attended Derek’s clinic and in just 4 short treatments I’m pain free for the first time in years. From Derek’s initial assessment to his after care advice was second to none. I also found his online video exercises brilliant help at home. I would highly recommend Midlands Physical Therapy”.