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“Helping People  Get Back To Pain-Free Living & Doing The Things That They Love To Do”

With Clinics in Moate & Athlone, Co.Westmeath

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I help people live more active, mobile and healthy lives by reducing their pain and stiffness which Improves the way that they move.

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Client Benefits & What You Get!

Who We Help & What We do

We help people who are suffering with pain and injury, get back to pain-free living and enjoying the activities and sports that they love to do without pain, stiffness or restrictions. The people we see vary, from those who have been in pain for years, to those who love to exercise and play sport. Whatever your needs, we help you get back to doing the things you love to do safely and without the problem returning.

Our treatments consist of a tailored plan that is specific to you and your lifestyle. This will include identifying the true stressors that are contributing to your pain. With our expert hands – on treatment and specific  rehabilitation plans, we can get you back to pain – free movement and exercise safely again.

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What My Client’s Say…

I love to run but this year I’ve have suffered various injuries including back, calf and Achilles pain. I had tried quite a few therapists but they couldn’t get rid of it until I came to Midlands Physical Therapy. Derek got me back running pain-free and more importantly, staying running….

Peter - Late 40’s / Moate

I was having a lot of knee trouble and it was stopping me from walking, which I love to do. I was starting to get very frustrated with it when I decided to go for physical therapy. Derek’s approach and treatment did  wonders for my pain and movement, meaning I can get walking and exercising regularly like I love to do…

Mary, 53 / Athlone