Physical Therapy – Its more than a massage!

Physical therapy is a hands on treatment that includes massage, mobilization of joints and stretching and lengthening of tissue. However while these hands on techniques can be useful in reducing symptoms of injury  you should always ask yourself what is the underlying cause and how can I address it?  Physical Therapy uses a range of skills that starts with a history take, an assessment and diagnosis, followed by educating and informing the patient so they are aware of what needs to be done to address the issue and get back to full fitness. Once the patient is on board the therapist will guide them through the best rehabilitation exercises to help the person return to sport or the activity they love to do.  In many cases there is a combination of training error and muscle weakness, or lack of movement control. Training needs to be modified to a level the healing tissue can cope with and strength and conditioning can then be used to address any underlying weakness. 


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