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Running is a very natural movement that we should all be able to do…..

So why do so many runners get injured?

In reality, running in modern day first world countries is different to the running that our ancestors did years ago, or even the running that is done in third world countries, where a lot of the top runners in the world come from.

Why is this?

  • We now spend more time sitting than we ever did before. More driving, more sitting at a computer, more watching TV. Prolonged sitting does not go hand in hand with running.
  • Our first world lives can put many stressors on the body such as inadequate sleep,worries, anxiety, inactivity and processed foods. These can lead to chemicals and hormones inside your body which irritate your tissues. Not ideal if your doing a lot of running.
  • Poor training methods and lack of education regarding training load can lead to additional stress, which can lead to imbalances in your body, .
  • Road Running -Constantly running on roads can be tough on your body, especially if the person is carrying additional weight.
  • Weight – A lot of people run to loose weight. But running when your are overweight adds extra stress on your tissues

Running is a repetitive sport and if there is any compensations putting extra pressure on tissues or a joint, then injury will more than likely occur.

What is Midlands Physical Therapy Running Clinic?

Running technique and Advice

Our Running Clinic offers the following things:

  1. The first is expert hands on treatment for any runners who have picked up an injury and want to get back running quickly and safely.
  2. This treatment also includes a step by step return to running program where the patient is guided and safely progressed through a loading program. This ensures that when they fully return to running, the injury will NOT come back at them again.
  3. Running clinic offers injury prevention programs for those who love to run and want to ensure that their body is strong and robust enough to not break down and pick up an injury when they least want it.
  4. Sports massage for those who run regularly and want to keep aches and pains at bay.
  5. Marathon packages for those who are training for a marathon. These packages can be tailored to you and offer a mix of physical therapy treatments, sports massage and mobility and injury prevention programs
  6. Strengthening and mobility programs for those who may be  want to keep strong enough to run for a long season and mobile enough to ensure good technique
  7. Advice on techniques and running programs. I have teamed up with one of the best running coaches in the midlands to offer you quality advice on technique and programs to suit your needs.

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Watch the video below to see some of the mobility movements I use with runners

Why Do Runners Need Good Mobility?

Regular running can place a lot of stress on your body. The repetitive nature of running means that if there is any imbalance or muscle weakness present from old injuries, or the repetitive movements of a persons lifestyle, then this will constantly be paced under pressure.

By keeping your joints mobile, you are improving the ability of the tissues to lengthen and shorten, which will  improve your running and reduce the chance of muscles tightness and aches occurring.

Mobility is not only important in the peripheral joints of the body, i.e the legs and arms. It is also important to have good thoracic mobility and your spine needs to be able to move as you run. In our running injury prevention programs, I look at how your diaphragm can influence thoracic mobility and I also look at some exercises that you can do to improve this.

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