Have I Got Sciatica?

Sciatica is a common complaint that people in their 40’s. 50’s and 60’s come to us complaining of. It can be very painful and uncomfortable and can significantly decrease the quality of your life. But it is something that can be treated, and you can return to ‘normal living’ with the right help and guidance.

Sciatica pain can affect the lower back, bottom, backs of legs, feet and toes. Symptoms can vary from a stabbing, burning or shooting sensation along any of these parts and often people experience pins and needles or numbness that runs down their leg. It is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve which begins in the lower back and runs through the bottom and down into the legs.

The nerve normally becomes irritated when it is compressed. This compression can happen due to a disc, part of the spine or even tight muscles going into spasm. In-fact, we see a lot of people who think they have sciatica, but it is just referred pain from tight muscles and is not ‘true’ sciatica from compression of the nerve.

How do you get sciatica?

Why someone gets sciatica will be dependent on the person and the events that led up to it and this will be unique to their story. It can happen because of inactivity, too much activity, injury, stress or sometimes may just come on for no apparent reason.  The key to getting the problem resolved is find what is irritating the nerve, reduce this irritation on the nerve and gradually expose your body back to certain movements again.

Don’t be expecting a quick fix

As with a lot of problems in the body, there is no magic quick fix if you want to get a long-lasting solution to the problem. Pain relief and anti-inflammatories may help initially, but more often than not the symptoms will return if you only just focus on relieving the pain. Ensuring that you can move well enough and have the appropriate strength and endurance needed for your everyday activities are key to ensuring that the problem does not return. This is where a step by step physio approach, like the one we use in our clinic, is greatly beneficial.

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