Should I Exercise If It Hurts My Knee’s?

This is a question I got asked recently by a concerned lady at my clinic.

She was worried that she might be doing more harm than good, if she continued to exercise as it was resulting in pain in her knees afterwards.

Her preferred exercise was walking but she was attending a ‘boot camp’ class in a gym twice a week as she found it not only to be great exercise and “kept the weight down”,  but was very social and great fun also.

The issue was that after the class her right knee would get quite sore and she really noticed it going up and down the stairs at home. This was a trip she did numerous times a day as she had two young children that kept her on her feet.

It was also, more recently, starting to get sore when she was walking and pushing a buggy and this was the thing that concerned her most, as she loved to get out of the house and get some fresh air for herself and her youngest child.

So to answer her question ……

Would she have to quit her boot camp class forever………. No

Did she need to change a few things and get her knee pain addressed……. Yes, if she wanted to keep active and mobile.

Basically, her knee was not going to get better by itself if she kept doing the same activities she was doing.

When I examined her knee, there was nothing wrong with the actually tissues in the knee joint but, the muscles around her hip and knee weren’t doing the jobs they were supposed to do and the activities at the boot camp class were aggravating it.

This can happen for a number of reasons but a common one can be in response to old injuries.

When I questioned her further I found out that that she sprained her left ankle quite badly a few years previously and this was more than likely why her right leg was overworking and her knee was getting irritated.

So, in this ladies case, if she continued to ignore this and continue to do what she was doing, it would have gotten worse and led to more consistent pain on everyday movements.

She needed a way to break up the aggravating stressors

At Midlands Physical Therapy I talk a lot about finding the true stressors on the body.

This can range from physical to emotional to mental stressors. they can all have an effect on the pain you feel and how long you feel it for.

I discussed with her why she getting pain after exercise and what needed to be done to get her out of pain and ensure that she could continue to be active and go to boot camp, without her knee pain returning.

This involved explaining the step by step plan that we use to help people get back to the things they love to do.

You can find out more about our step by step system here and out can also find some tips and advice to hep you get rid of your knee by downloading my help book by clicking on the image below.

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