Why Go For A Deep Tissue Or Sports Massage?

If you find that you are muscles are  achy and tired from sitting all day, training a lot or from a repetitive movement at work, then a massage might be perfect for you. 

A  Sports Or Deep Tissue Massage allows you to do your everyday tasks free from tension with added energy so you can do all your everyday activities full of energy. 

It is also very beneficial to keep your level of activity maintained and prevent niggles and non contact injuries from occurring.

Who is a Sports Massage Suitable For

A sports Massage is suitable for anyone who

  • Finds themselves having tired achy muscles
  • Are under stress and their body feels tense
  • Are training a lot and needs to keep fresh and mobile
  • Wants to reduce the risk of themselves picking up an injury
  • Wants to increase their chance and quality of a full nights sleep

How Will A Sports Massage Benefit You

  • Relax general muscle stiffness & soreness of area’s of the body
  • Reduce future injury risk
  • Relieve stress & tension
  • Increase quality of full nights sleep
  • Feeling full of energy

At Midlands Physical Therapy You Also Get The Added Bonus Of:

At Midlands Physical Therapy you get the additional bonus of receiving some take home exercises and movements to prolong the effects of your Sports Massage. You will get videos of these emailed to you after your session.

Our Sports and Deep Tissue Massages can be either 30 or 45 minutes in length. To book call 09064 66761