We’ve all heard the saying ‘It takes two to tango’ and this is the approach that I take with my patients, when they come into my clinic.

Because when you’ve been in pain for a long time you can’t just expect to go and see somebody who can perform one magic rub or one amazing exercise, while you do nothing, and expect the pain to go away and more importantly, STAY AWAY!

You may only see the therapist for 45 minutes once or twice a week and what happens during the rest of week is down to you, the quality of the education , advice and rehab that the therapist gives you and how well you adhere to them.

Let me tell you a story about a patient, called Paul, who I treated for 7 sessions before Christmas. He had suffered with back pain on  and off for 10 years and he had episodes of pain shooting down his leg that were so bad, that they had kept him out of work on  a couple of occasions.

Paul was a determined guy and he liked to run to stay healthy and ‘keep his weight under control’. However, in the last year he had run very little due to his back pain. He had been to a sports therapist, chiropractor and physiotherapist over the last 18 months who massaged him, manipulated his spine, give him core exercises because he was told he had a week back and also sold him a pair or expensive orthotics . However, the pain was not improving. He had previously been for an MRI also and was told he had’ degenerating discs’.

So he came across my clinic and initially came for a FREE discovery visit as, after seen so many therapist previously, he was understandably a bit skeptical if I could help him.

I asked what he would like to do more if I could help him and  he said he would love to be to run two to three times  per week again, PAIN-FREE.

So after assessing him I told that I thought I could help him BUT ONLY IF HE was fully committed to getting better.  And this is where it takes two to tango because if you want to get pain-free and STAY pain-free a therapist should not just work on you and send you off with nothing to do.

They must work with you.

Both parties have to be fully involved in the treatment process and the patient is going to have to be prepared to work, in order to achieve their goals and get back doing the things they want to do.

Each person is different and everyone’s pain is unique to them, so it doesn’t make sense that their treatment would be the same as the next person.

As it turned out Paul was true to his word. He was FED UP with been in pain and said himself that if he was not able to exercise, then he would ‘start to pile on weight pretty quickly’. So we worked together. He did his exercises every day and worked hard at changing movement habits that had built up over the last 10 years and he is reaping the rewards because he is now able to run 5 k,  three times a week.

Has his pain completely gone away?

Not entirely but he is fully aware of what it means and if his back does get a little achy, he doesn’t panic.

He understands that pain can come on for many reasons that are not associated with tissue damage,  so he doesn’t panic and it soon goes away. 

If you find that your back pain is taking control of your life, and you want to get your life back, there is help and options available. Why not get in touch with my clinic by filling out an enquiry form here and I will give you a call and have a chat about your pain to see if I can help.

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